Well, everybody wants a cheap and best flight while travelling. Therefore, we spend hours upon hours on the computer, searching for different ‘hacks’ that might help us to save thousands. But, what if we tell you that these hacks are nothing but myths.

That’s right!

There is a bunch of misinformation and myths circling on the internet about how one can find a cheap flight, that it’s so easy for new travellers to be fooled. And today, we have listed down some of these flight booking myths that we all generally fall for. Ready? Read on.

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Myth 1: You should search flights in incognito mode.

Truth: Let’s be honest, we all have tried looking for flights in a private tab. Yes, it’s true that several websites track our data and online habits through cookies and cache. However, there’s no evidence that airlines track your data and numerous studies by booking companies have proved that there is no difference in pricing when you use incognito mode. So no, searching in incognito mode is not going to help you find a cheaper flight!

Myth 2: The second day of the week is the best time to book your flights.

Truth: Back in the day, most airlines used to drop flight big deals on the second day of the week. However, now, airlines keep changing their airfares using dynamic pricing and artificial intelligence depending upon demand, seasons, weather and specific events. So no, there’s no ‘best day or time‘ to book your tickets!

Myth 3: The earlier you book your flight, the better the deals.

Truth: While it’s surely logical to book your flights in advance, it won’t always give you the cheapest flight. The prices don’t really change that dramatically. In fact, until about 21 days before a flight, the prices are quite steady. The ideal booking window for flights is anywhere between 21 to 115 days before your departure. But, an important event or festival can drive up the demand for the flights!

Myth 4: Websites and cookies can fluctuate airfares.

Truth: This one is the most popular yet bizarre myth. Websites that predict prices just take an educated guess based on historical pricing, they cannot change the price of a flight. You can easily track and compare prices on the websites that offer a rate card from a variety of different online travel agencies!

Myth 5: You will never get a refund upon cancelling your flight.

Truth: That’s absolutely untrue. As per law, even non-refundable flights have a 24-hour refund window. You can ALWAYS cancel your flight and get your money back within 24 hours window unless you have purchased a ticket within a week of your flight. You can always fly with airlines with flexible change policies or choose a travel insurance policy while flying!

Myth 6: Sticking to one website for booking the flights is best.

Truth: If you are looking for the best prices, then sticking to a single website is not such a good idea. While it’s totally okay to have a preferred airline, don’t let it prevent you from trying other airlines. Since third-party websites often buy tickets in bulk, airfares are always changeable depending on their demand. Remember, there is no single best website out there for flights!

Myth 7: Round-trip tickets are cheaper than one-way tickets.

Truth: Earlier, airlines kept round-trip tickets cheaper to ensure that passengers would fly on the same airline for both legs of the trip. However, now, booking one-way tickets can often be cheaper as you can customize your itinerary and even add additional connections. It also lessens your burden as you can always book the return flight on your next pay period!

Myth 8: Some destinations are always pricey.

Truth: Well, many people often go for budget trips since they believe that some places are always pricey. But no, that’s not always true. Sure, travelling to some of the most popular destinations can be expensive but not if you play it smart and plan ahead. It all depends on the time you are searching for flights. So, next time, keep checking the flight prices during different days, weeks and seasons for the best airfares!

Now that you know that these are nothing but just flight booking myths, fly smarter!