A lot of people who live in Delhi will tell you that the best part about it is that they get to experience the beautiful winter season the city offers. It makes sense, too. Here are some of the main reasons why Dilli ki Sardi is so magnificent.

1. You can go to all the wonderful parks, and places of historical importance. 

Of course, be extra careful in the COVID times and don’t go out at all if the risk is high. But otherwise, you can make a picnic out of any park-visit, any day. Take food, books, and lie down on the grass…ah!

Times of India

2. So many delicious dishes to try from.

Go to Rajouri Garden to have chole bhature or to Lajpat to eat Dolma Aunty Momos. You can have bread pakodas outside Bangla Sahib and chaat pretty much anywhere. You can have paranthe in Purani Dilli and Nihari near Jama Masjid. The list is endless, really. Winter is the best time to step out and find what Delhi has to offer in terms of food.

My Yellow Plate

3. The temperature drops, but not too much.

Basically, the cold is manageable on most days. For a week every year, it gets a little too cold to handle but barring that, the weather is cozy. So you can sit in your blanket, have your hot chocolate, watch your movies, and that’s that.


4. You have great stretches for long walks.

The area near JNU, DU North Campus, or the road outside Qutub Minar, there are many places – especially in South Delhi, which you will find amazing if you like to walk. Whether you are alone or with someone, walking here is always good.

The Delhi Wallah

5. You get to flaunt your winter wardrobe just the way you got to show off your summer outfits.

Delhi is great this way, isn’t it? The extremity of seasons can get to you sometimes, but in so many ways, it’s also nice. Being able to wear a wide variety of clothes is one of the reasons.

Can never get enough of this city.