Booking a flight is the most frustrating task, you keep comparing prices, and they keep fluctuating. You need the reflexes of a mongoose to get a good deal and a nice seat. I don’t like it, it’s a lot of effort. And these days, these prices hardly make sense – a Twitter user rightly pointed this out.


The said Twitter user, Harshita Passi, shared screenshots of ticket prices from Delhi to Bangalore and Delhi to Paris, Milan and Tokyo. Now, of course, there are concepts to flight bookings – the difference between rush in certain cities or supply and demand, among other things. But, it’s almost shocking to see that flights to Bangalore cost just as much as flights to Paris or Tokyo.

There’s logic, but this logic is mostly based on profits, for the airlines and these businesses. So, passengers have to pay these outrageous fares, because there’s literally no other way. And it’s understandable that businesses run on profits, but this is borderline exploitative.

Twitter is concerned for the right reasons.

Who said travelling is fun?