Have you ever wondered what goes on in the minds of the housekeeping employees, who serve different sorts of guests at their hotel? Well, they apparently carry a lot of hidden secrets. Today, we stumbled upon a number of Reddit threads, where the hotel employees revealed some of the industry’s sickening secrets that will definitely make you cringe.

Are you ready? Let’s go!

1. “The glasses for toothbrushes are not always washed, since the cleaners are generally in a hurry. They are mostly just held under the tap and rinsed (that too rarely). Check for lip prints.”

2. “Safe isn’t safe.”

3. “Check the seals on the things in the minibar. I once had a guest who had drunk the whiskey and then, peed in the bottle, closed it and had put it back.”

4. “You see those mouthwatering, delicious muffins on that plate in the dining area of the lobby? We just buy a pack of 6 from the local shop for $5.”

5. “The owner of my hotel used to save the little-used soaps people left in the rooms when they checked out. He would grind them up, melt them, re-pour them into moulds and then use them again in the rooms to cut down on the new soap bars he had to buy every month. He told us that the melting process made the soap sanitary for use again. He and his wife did stuff like that everywhere to save money.”

6. “Do not use the ice bucket without a liner. It may have been used as a puke receptacle.”

7. “The bed you sleep in was probably, multiple times, shat in, vomited on and wanked on. Almost every week, there are such drunk guests. And guests who hire people for particularly disgusting kinds of sex, as in, peeing on the same bed. A lot of men consider hotel time as an escape from home to indulge in everything. And that everything lands on your bed.”

8. “It’s amazing how industrial-grade washing machines will get out different kinds of stains. That bed you’re sleeping in tonight? Yeah, it was covered in what I can only imagine was baby shit and blood this morning. Good as new! I even left an after-dinner mint on the pillow for you.”

9. “We know more about you than you think. Every time a guest compliments or complains, we keep a record of it. If you have bitched about the same thing at the last five hotels, I can see a pattern. I know your birthday, address, credit card numbers, preferences and allergies. I know what you do for a living and what kind of car you drive. We can legally divulge this record if asked, as well. Our corporate office will mail you a copy of your file, if you request it. Most guests are pretty okay, but the problematic guests have heaps of stuff in their profiles.”

– nglennh

10. “The cloth used to clean the toilet was also used to wipe down the countertop in the bathroom and the bedrooms. Lipstick marks and stains on glasses also get wiped down with this same cloth.”

11. “The front desk can see the title of every pay-per-view movie you watch, as well as how long you watched it for. The average time for porn is about 15 minutes.”

– daemiel

12. “I have seen chefs and members of the kitchen staff come out of the toilet cubicle after taking a dump and go straight back to work without washing their hands.”

Damn, re-thinking about my next hotel stay!