There’s no doubt that hotel employees have a difficult job. With hundreds of guests checking in and out every single day, no one can really tell what goes behind those closed doors. Today, we stumbled upon a number of Reddit threads, where hotel employees revealed some of the weirdest things they have ever found left in a hotel room that will definitely make you cringe.

Brace yourself!


1. “A guest had literally ripped the toilet seat out and left it in the bathtub.”

2. “Dozens of sex toy boxes thrown all over the room.”

3. “I used to clean cottages in high school. There was this one cottage, in particular, that was so disgusting that I had to quit. There were condoms and shit everywhere, grapes all over the ceiling, holes in the walls, but the weirdest thing, was that there were dildos in the microwave (melted). They also clogged the toilet because they tried flushing a blow-up doll. It was just a nightmare.”

– soflyb

4. “Once, we found a dildo covered in blood (really it was as bad as it sounds), but the strangest thing I’ve ever seen was a whole defrosted duck in the bathroom sink. It was plucked and ready to cook. But seriously, WTF?”

– slyphi

5. “There was a guest, who stayed for about two or three days. When they checked out, the housekeeping staff found three-week-old expired milk in the refrigerator. So, it was already two and half weeks old when they checked in and were lugging it around. Just, why would you carry rotten milk with you?”

6. “I found a hunting knife that was apparently thrown into the wall, along with 5 cases of empty beer bottles. Not sure what went down the night before, but glad I wasn’t there for it.”

– pst1221

7. “Actual cum on the bed.”

– nucleus17608

8. “Underwear in the kettle.”

– billybandit

9. “A lot of blood on the mattress. I didn’t stay the night.”

10. “About $25k in electronics. A duffel bag full of sex toys. A box, full of drugs. Someone turned on a black light, which was a mistake. There was jizz and lube on almost every conceivable surface of the room, including the ceiling.”

11. “I had a guy who said his microwave didn’t work and I went up to the room and he locked a plate of food in the safe.”

– BurgleBoy  

12. “So far, I’ve found magic mushrooms, needles, weed, pills, vape pens and all kinds of ointments. I’ve found a gun and a couple of knives. Vibrators, cock rings, lubricants and massagers. Jewelry, especially lone earrings. One million chargers, 4 smartphones and several pillows. Lots of food and beverages get left behind, as well as booze.”

13. “There was this one guy who stayed at least one night every week and he always requested the same room. We thought that he was maybe making drug deals or something. So, we searched the room, after he checked out. Turns out that he was hiding a blowup doll, under the mattresses. We threw it away and he only came back once after that. I kinda felt bad for him.”

14. “One of my relatives worked in the hotel industry. There was a guest who just left and when the cleaning ladies entered the room, one of them noticed a pungent smell. She went into the washroom and someone had stuffed a towel filled with poop down the toilet bowl and the floor was covered with weird yellow stains.”

15. “A goat dressed like Abraham Lincoln.”

Will definitely check my hotel room thoroughly next time I check in!