What does Instagram scrolling do to you? Well, for me, it gives me a closer look at the streets, architecture, and untold stories of Mumbai. 

Many creators on Insta have captured the raw and real Mumbai through their lenses that we often overlook in our fast-paced life. We decided to give you a glimpse into how beautiful and thrilling the city is!

1. The Bombay walla

Capturing Mumbai like no one else, this account celebrates the mundane life of the city. With some random visuals or objects from our day-to-day life, it holds a deeper meaning in it. 

2. The Bombay Type Project

Sure, we know the city is full of great architecture, but the ‘Bombay Type Project’ documents the typography of it. From building names, graffiti, and shop fonts, you’ll love this feed if you like calligraphy or fonts. The account describes itself as: 

The fruit of a lot of long walks in the wilderness of letters. Documenting the typographic marvels of Mumbai. 

3. Towering goals by Sanjog Mhatre

This account is an ode to the skyscrapers of Mumbai. Captured by Sanjog Mhatre, it documents the heights the city has reached and gives you a peek into glitzy Mumbai. 

4. The Bombay windows

This account captures stories of Mumbaikars through their windows. It shows how even in closed boxes or closed windows, the city looks fabulous.

5. Mumbai Paused

The city never stops, but the visuals here show a different side of Mumbai. With unfiltered lenses, we see frames that are raw & real. The page’s bio reads: “Low tide smells from the Island City. Daily photographs about the city.”

6. Bombay ka shana by Aslam Saiyad

With a typical Mumbai name, the page describes itself as, “The fast life of Mumbai compels Mumbai to become Shana. Follow to find Bombay ka Shana kon?” It’s pure storytelling from random walks of Mumbai.

7. Marine life of Mumbai

The city thrives around its marine life and beautiful sea. The page documents and spreads awareness about the marine life of Mumbai. It educates people about the coastal biodiversity of the city.

8. Baobabs of Bombay

This account aims to document all the Baobabs (upside-down tree) in the city. The page describes itself as, “On a mission to visit each Baobab in Bombay, map and possibly get them protected by the government.”

9.  Flamingos of Mumbai

This account captures the ‘Pink pilgrims’ aka Flamingos in the city. Captured by Vidyasagar Hariharan, the birds migrate to the shores of Navi Mumbai in December and May. 

10. Mumbai heritage

The account highlights the lesser-known architecture in the city. With just simple camera settings, you get to see the unexplored places in Mumbai, and all you would want to know is ‘where is this place?’

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