Navigating through any city, especially when it is your first time, is a tad difficult. It can get overwhelming and even confusing. However, Redditors from Delhi have come up with a solution to this problem. They have shared a list of life hacks to use when in the capital city.

India Gate, Delhi
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It started with one user sharing four useful life hacks and what ensued was Dilli waale coming together and sharing the life hacks they learnt while living in the city. We compiled a list of all the interesting and useful life hacks shared by people on the internet. Read on to find out more.

1. “Always negotiate with autowalas.” – shameless_infant

CNG Auto in Delhi
Source: India Today

2. “For directions, the best is to ask a paan or cigarette shop guy. Don’t ask any policeman for directions. You’ll be asked more questions than being given directions.” – Left_Membership2780

3. “Go to Jail Road Subhash Nagar for the best food in West Delhi.” – oyegurmeet

4. “Chandni Chowk is overrated for vegetarians, but heaven for non-vegetarians.” – Tanmay2699

Chandni Chowk, Delhi
Source: Outlook India

5. “Navigating through different South Delhi areas via metro is inefficient. The amount of time you’ll spend changing metro lines and visiting unnecessary stations before you reach your destination is not worth it when you can just get out of one of the metro stations and take an auto.” – zyrkor90

6. “If you can afford to pay a bit more, opt for a better place to eat in hot and humid conditions. It will save you from an upset stomach and medical bills. Local kirana shops usually have better grocery pricing as compared to online shops and they do deliver at home as well if you buy in bulk. Local milk delivery (packet milk, like Amul) is a lifesaver. They only charge ₹1/packet but you save a lot of time in the morning.” – DilliKaLadka

Kirana store
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7. “Learn bus routes. The bus is cheaper than the metro by a serious measure. If you’re a female, then it’s free for you.” – Justexisting2110

Delhi bus
Source: Indian Express

8. “Travelling with a water bottle, a small bag with a pen and a notepad as essentials, is enough to get around Delhi. A water bottle is a lifesaver as you don’t have to spend money on buying water. Always carry your College ID with you. You can avail of student discounts with them at various places. Metro is your means to travel around everywhere. Have multiple cards and always travel with two cards.” – schadenfreude_98

9. “If you want food from your home state at a reasonable price, try the various state bhawans in Delhi. A thali costs less than 200 bucks.” – Jee-NX

10. “Parts of Delhi, particularly central and South Delhi, are very walkable, and you can get around quite a bit by walking. You save quite some money, and it can be quite fun, especially if you have good company. Alternatively, you could also cycle. If this is something you’re up for, keep your backpack light, wear good shoes, and always carry a water bottle.” – emmessrinivas

11. “If you feel like Dwarka is too far to travel to, always take the nearest airport express line. It will get you from CP to Dwarka within 30 minutes.” – Kanishkalearnsstuff

12. “If you are a cinema buff, you can watch the best world cinema at India Habitat Centre for free. Events are mostly free.” – Rishit Jain

India Habitat Centre, Delhi
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13. “If you are hungry dead in the night, drive over to under the Naraina flyover or Convergys office in Gurgaon. You get the best paranthas there at inexpensive prices. Egg, Mutton, Chicken, Mixed, Aloo – you get all variety with dollops of butter & pickle, served right to your car.” – Rishit Jain

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14. “Use a metro and then an uber moto/ola bike/rapido for the last mile.” – anshm1ttal

16. “Always check Google Maps for traffic even if it is a familiar place.” – Anonymous

Google Maps
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17. “Everyone is your bhai, no one is your uncle.” – Giraffe-man_

What other life hacks would you add to this list?