It is no secret that people go to hotel rooms and stash away some of the items that have been provided by the hotel. A lot of people rake in toiletries, coffee pouches, and free snacks in their bags. If you think that the hotel management will not know about it, that is clearly not the case. Trust us, they know.


But apart from these things, some people have brought home some eccentric things from hotels. We scoured Reddit threads and asked a few people about the odd things that they have stolen from hotels. They obliged and their answers were funny. Read on below.

1. “I needed a clock for my bedroom, they had a clock. My bedroom now has a clock.” – Anonymous

Frankenmuth Clock Company

2. “The sewing kits. Ah yes, the sewing kits.” – cruate

hotel room

3. “I regularly used to stay in hotels for 1-2 months while I was working abroad. This one place in Cape Town had amazing ginger biscuits, and my room was a large double, so they left me two packs every day. On the day I left, I literally couldn’t pack all my stuff back into my suitcase as it was so full of these delicious biscuits. Well, them and body lotion.” – EffityJeffity

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4. “Shower caps – they’re useful to put over the mixing bowl when making bread.” – danielsamuels


5. “A mosquito repellent – liquid and the machine.” – Manya Ailawadi


6. “Do you know those huge umbrellas by the pool? A guest decided they wanted it on a rainy day. They picked it up out of the stand and walked off with it only to get caught. Ever since umbrellas have been welded into their holders.” – Its5somewhere

Umbrella Specialist

7. “One group of drunks took our green traffic cones.” – jwiley84


8. “Batteries from the remote control.” – SNAKETV171


9. “Books and one guest took all our reserve toilet rolls – ten in total!” – nikooo1

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10. “The lid of a jar because it was cute.” – Crystal Rozario


11. “I stole the candies from the welcome bowl. In my defence, I got off a long flight and was damn hungry.” – Shreya Basu

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12. “I took coffee pods because it looked interesting. I don’t have a coffee machine at home.” – Nivedita Shrivastava


We are still trying to figure out how they ended up using these things.