There’s no doubt that prices of cabs surge during peak hours or when in high demand. However, can you imagine paying a whopping ₹3000 for a 50-kilometre ride? Well, I know what you are thinking but this actually happened to somebody.

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Shravankumar Suvarna, a Mumbai resident, tried booking a cab to his home, which usually costs ₹800 to ₹1,000. However, he was shocked to see the fare for the short ride running into thousands. 

The Uber application showed him the fare for UberGo at ₹3,041, Premier at ₹4,081 and XL at ₹5,159.

After the image went viral on social media, netizens had a variety of ideas about how the surged price can be used for better things, including renting an apartment for a day.

And here’s everything they had to say:

And that’s a usual day in Aamchi Mumbai!