If you’ve ever travelled in Delhi Metro, you might have observed many ajeebo-gareeb passengers inside its premises. Right Dilli-NCR walon? If not, you must have at least witnessed videos of couples having PDA moments or drunkards getting all tipsy on the train. And Et cetera, Et cetera.

A still from Delhi 6

Speaking of which, two passengers recently fought inside Delhi Metro and a video of their argument is going crazy viral across all social media platforms. Reason? Fret not, we’ll tell you aagey.

In the clip shared by @Kartik_sharmaji on Twitter, a girl and a boy, probably a couple, can be seen indulging into a heated argument. The video begins with girl slapping the boy and hitting him with punches inside the train. The boy, on the other hand, says, “Chali ja yahan se.” Going by the video, the argument starts over a Zara T-shirt which the girl claims to have bought it for ₹1000. The boy disagrees and says it couldn’t be of more than ₹150.

When both of them are about to deboard the metro, the girl can be heard saying, “Mummy ko bolungi teri. Tera jaisa ladka kisi ko na mile. Public mein aise metro mein tamasha karta hai.” Meanwhile, the boy also slaps her in between the quarrel. As they exit the train, on-lookers can be heard laughing.

Here’s how Twitterati are reacting to it:

What a fight of Zara vs Sarojini Nagar ideologies. Jokes apart, we just can’t help but wonder, wasn’t this an act of exercising human rights in a bad tone?