Many desi aunties are pain in the ass. For the ones, who have faced any kind of rejection in rishtey-waali meetings, will surely relate to this. 2 States is one filmy example that I can think of right now. In the movie, Alia Bhatt’s character Ananya and her family was judged by Arjun Kapoor’s on-screen Punjabi mom Amrita Singh ‘coz they were Tamilians. “Ye toh madrassi hain”, remember? Well, 2 States truly mirrored the reality of how desi aunties act in such situations and end up rejecting the choices of their sons/daughters as they do not fit into their criteria.

YouTube/2 States

So, a viral story of how one desi aunty rejected a pilot’s marriage proposal for her daughter recently caught my attention on Twitter. And she called him a “driver”. I mean, WTF!

And then I noticed that many Twitterati are sharing their rejection stories of rishtas on the micro-blogging platform. Let’s check’em out:

1. For being differently-abled

I have a sister with a physical disability and this aunty had the audacity to tell my mom that “Mera beta apki “aisi” beti ki responsibility nahi le ga future mai, na hi nosheen le gi. ab apka koi beta nahi hai to ye pehle clear hojana chaiye (sic).


2: For not matching with “chaand-si bahu” image

3. For age difference

4. For not having fair complexion, long tresses, and “perfect figure”

This aunty who is my ammi’s cousin, she and her son rejected many girls in past because they wanted a girl who is “gori, lambe baal waali, perfect figure (i.e. not so fat not so thin “perfect figure”)” but now as this boy is getting older and still not getting any girl, this aunt (sic).


5. For “big” nose

This desi aunty rejected my cousin cause his nose too big, good to be cautious cause he was gonna inhale ur daughter (sic).


6. For girl’s mom having “long teeth”

This aunty rejected a girl for her son cause the girl’s mom had weird and long teeth so she wouldn’t look good while sitting on stage (sic).


7. For being “little healthy”

8. For having “big ass”

Mom told me that this aunty rejected a rishta cuz “girl had a big ass” Ask your son, ffs. He’ll love that ass (sic).


9. For not being a doctor

Once this aunty met me at a wedding spoke to me & came to our house the next for a rishta but rejected when she found out I wasn’t a doctor (sic).


10. For having a dog

So this aunty rejected me because I’ve a dog (sic).


11. For playing indoor games

12. For speaking up for himself

Have you been through such WTF rishta meetings where desi aunties judged you for how you look, for your choices, or for the fact that your mom doesn’t fit into their criteria? Aunty ji thoda chill karo na? Pasand nahin bhi aaye toh fine but at least stop being judgemental, yeah?


And for the one who rejected a girl ‘coz she owns a dog, I mean, c’mon! Janta maaf nahin karegi aapko!