Kusha Kapila and Zorawar announced their separation in an Instagram post, yesterday. The many people who follow them shared that it felt personal, given that the two almost have a relationship with their followers. However, we can hardly comprehend what they must be feeling. The end of any relationship is already hard, and our society looks at it as a taboo.


On top of this, they have to almost share an explanation for their decisions because their lives are so public. And instead of sympathizing, giving them space, people did what they do best – troll the woman for being a ‘home wrecker’. Kusha had understandably switched off comments for the post, so people went on to comment on her previous posts, which shows how low we can stoop.

Kusha Kapila
Comments on her post

Twitter also discussed the divorce at length, because clearly everyone thinks it’s their business.

These reactions are unnecessary, sure, but they are also deeply toxic. And just because content creators and celebrities have a life which is rather open, doesn’t give us the right to criticize their personal decisions.