Kusha Kapila, who is famed for her relatable content on social media, was the most relatable in this vulnerable post. Yesterday on Instagram, she struck up a conversation and broke the hush-hush around hormonal acne.

She recounts her journey from January to April and deems it a wild ride. A wide ride majorly because she woke up with a new face every day. When someone who is in front of the camera every day meets people outdoors, the first thing they do is compare her to her Instagram photos.

It’s getting better with the crazy combo of working out, meds, and diet, but it’s a tease, she says.

Every time I think okay the worst is behind me, it assures me ‘ruk behen, yeh le ek aur flare up.’

She says that the first flare-up occurred on her first behensplaining shoot three years ago and that it has only grown with her progressing career.

Kusha being Kusha playfully refers to them as ‘lucky’ and ‘ek tarfa pyaar’. She also thanks her doctors who have been her backbone in the journey @drsiddhichavan (Mumbai) @drgeetika (Delhi) @zolieskinclinic (Gurgaon).

When social media spares no effort to project a façade that instills unrealistic expectations in young women, influencers like Kusha Kapila, who are free from the fear of judgement, don’t mind being raw and real, and feel like a ray of sunshine amidst the gloom. 

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You can read the entire post here:

All images are from Kusha Kapila’s Instagram post.