When we talk about gender bias, there’s nothing new about it. When you are with a man, people immediately assume that he holds the power and the authority to make decisions, even if that’s not the case at all. 

Krista Bellerina, a social media user, took to her account and shared how her repairman ignored her as soon as her husband walked in and ultimately, they hired someone else to do the job.

Needless to mention, hundreds of women shared similar stories in her comments section.

1. Who said women can’t fly planes?

2. Because women can’t drive, right?

3. You want it in baby pink or rose pink?

4. Didn’t anyone teach you manners?

5. Oh, okay.

6. Definitely not from you!

7. DUH!

8. Don’t worry, you can explain it to me.

9. Of course, that’s what women are born for, right?

10. We all need a dad like him!

11. You go, girl.

12. The joke’s on you, man.

13. What, women know about tools?

14. Hello, it’s time to make some changes!

15. Oh look, a nice door!

There’s no doubt that our culture is ruled by toxic masculinity and misogyny. We salute these women for dealing with such crap!