Disclaimer: The content of this article could be disturbing for some readers. Discretion advised.

Article 19(1)(a) states all citizens shall have the right to freedom of speech and expression. This implies that all citizens have the right to express their views and opinions freely. The Indian Constitution guarantees the freedom of speech and expression as one of its six freedoms. However, when someone tries to express their thoughts and explain their opinions, they are brought down with utter humiliation. Dhruv Rathee, in a video, talked about Sudipto Sen’s The Kerala Story and studied the claims made in the movie and its plotline. While several people agreed with him, numerous others didn’t.

However, the haters started sending threatening messages and rape threats to his wife, Juli Lbr – and that is not fine, at all.


The vlogger took to her social media account and shared four screenshots of the disturbing and abusive messages his wife has been receiving. 

This incident raises serious concerns about the protection of women in the digital realm and how these can affect their mental well-being.

Take a look at the replies he received on his tweet, here:

This is no way to send these sorts of messages to someone. What a shame!