It’s 2022 but sexism is still raging and that is simply disappointing. However, thanks to our fight and that of women before us, we are at a place where we are not afraid to tell trolls what they are – pathetic losers. Here are some examples of the same.

1. When Tillotama Shome got a ‘request’ to share a nude photo of her, she wrote a very well-informed post about feminism and the power of nudity. One of the lines of her post, read, “Nudity has been a tool from grassroots protests to social movement and to acts of self-acceptance and love BUT the theater of feminist protest is both expanded and challenged by this new generation of cyber-attacks. I wish us all luck as we navigate through such situations”. 

We hope that the person who sent the message and others like them were able to sit down and try to understand what she was trying to say.

2. In a really absurd case of trolling, people started calling out Mira Rajput for the colour of her feet in one of her pictures. Yes, the colour of her feet! 

And so, she posted this. The caption!

3. When told a bunch of really nasty shit, Samantha Ruth Prabhu chose to take the high road and simply told the person, “God bless your soul”. She has been known to not engage with trolls on social media and tries to keep her distance because that’s just her choice. So this short (and effective) response makes sense.

4. An entitled person told Sushmita Sen that she should get married, and in response, she said, “Let’s just say I am yet to meet that sire, who loves to play with fire”. That wrapped things up pretty quick.

5. A Twitter user compared Swara Bhasker to his maid as if that is an insult. Anyway, this what Swara said to him, putting him in place for good, “I’m sure your household help is beautiful. I hope you respect her labour and her dignity and don’t act like a creep with her”.

6. It has been a while for this one, but this response was glorious so we are going to include it anyway. Social activist Kavita Krishnan took to Facebook to post about sexual freedom, which sadly but expectedly drew in a troll who commented if her mother/daughter have had “free sex”. Following this, Kavita and her mother joined forces and demolished him in the comments.

7. When Soha Ali Khan tweeted about Raghuram Rajan’s exit and how it’s going to be a big loss for the RBI, people jumped at her saying she is a “dumb actress”. Soha quickly reminded them that she is an LSE graduate actually.

8. The recent Johnny Depp-Amber Heard defamation case saw a barrage of trolling for the latter which was truly disgusting. Here is how Swara Bhasker took a stand for her.

Hindustan Times

Nice way to shut down those vicious trolls, but it’s unfortunate that this needs to be done.