Sushmita Sen has been in the news ever since Lalit Modi broke the internet announcing that he is dating the former Miss Universe. While Sushmita has not addressed it yet, she was called plenty of names. And being the fierce woman she is, she shut them down. Apparently, single women cannot do anything in this country without upsetting anyone. Now Sushmita Sen is being trolled again, but this time for a selfie. Yes, a simple selfie.

Sushmita Sen posted a selfie on Twitter on July 20. She wore a blue top and had square framed sunglasses on and she looked beautiful. She captioned the selfie, “🤗❤️😇I love you guys!!!” She later posted this picture on her Instagram too.

Now, what is there to troll about this, you ask? Well, some users had the free time to zoom in on her sunglasses and saw bottles in her car. And those bottles allegedly looked like alcohol bottles. This gave the self-proclaimed upholders of sanskaar a free pass to come along with their moral policing. And this is what they had to say.

Now Sushmita Sen is an adult and is of the legal drinking age so legally she can drink. And clearly, she wasn’t drinking and driving. But we live in a society that thinks women and alcohol cannot go together. Remember when Ananya Panday photoshopped aloo bhujiya on her margarita glass? It might have been done to possibly evade a similar trolling situation.

Funnily if a male celebrity did that, it would not even be a topic for discussion. But it was only because it was a woman, and that too Sushmita Sen, that we are seeing such trolling. It’s a man’s world after all.