The world hasn’t kept calm ever since Lalit Modi announced being in a relationship with former Miss Universe, Sushmita Sen. Everyone with a social media account has had something to say, and why shouldn’t they? It’s not like people should be allowed to live life on their own terms. As and when the announcement was made, we couldn’t help but come up with memes and opinions, about people we technically don’t even know (personally).

For a country who hates nosy relatives, it’s surprising to notice that we’re all them, deep-down. Of course, we assumed that Sushmita Sen is in a relationship for money. We love her, we adore her, but we didn’t wait for a second to form a judgement. We came up with weirdest assumptions on why she decided on being in a relationship.

Of course, she didn’t keep quiet. Even though she doesn’t owe any of us an explanation, she made sure to shut the world for calling her a ‘gold-digger’. The actor shared a post calling out people on the misogyny, and also assuming that she ‘needs a man for money’.

I dig deeper than Gold, and I’ve always (famously) preferred Diamonds!!😉😁❤️And yes, I still buy them myself!!!

-Sushmita Sen

Like always, she had the perfect response to shut people who judge others as a hobby. Of course, she shouldn’t have had to leave a clarification, but we clearly didn’t leave her with an option.