By the time you turn 30, you are expected to just figure out a solid path for your career and life. In fact, there are several things that you are not ‘expected’ to do after you have hit a certain age. In a thread, people reveal the things that are not considered ‘cool’ post turning 30.

Let’s go!

The Tribune

1. “Hangovers.”

– writer_rat

2. “Bragging about your high school accomplishments.”

– Hysterical_Realist

3. “Trying to keep up with modern slang words.”

– SinisterPigeon

4. “Spending all your money at the bar on your payday.”

– deputytech

5. “Bragging about how drunk you got over the weekend.”

– apatheticnihilist

6. “Binging sugary goodness. As an under thirty, I could eat mass amounts of food. Coming up 30 this year, and I can’t even eat a few marshmellows without a gut-ache.”

– caution_cat

7. “Working yourself to death, overconsumption of alcohol or drugs and not getting enough sleep.”

– Hand_Banana_0082

8. “Snide, condescending remarks. You really ought to have learned how to be a better person by now.”

– ChangingHats

9. “Being offended by popular music.”

– post_angst

10. “Saying I’m in my twenties.”

– SuvenPan

11. “Spending your money irresponsibly. Buy whatever the hell you want just make sure it’s in your budget.”

– meanpantscaitie

12. “Being 29.”

– Ok_hi_peps

I just realised that I’ll turn 30 in the next three years and several things wouldn’t be considered cool. BRB, crying in a corner.