International Women’s Day usually turns into a race between companies and brands about who will write up a ‘Happy Women’s Day,’ post first or spew out *special* deals and discounts for women first. And, I think I speak for all women when I say, we do not want the deals, the posts or the one-day-special-treatment. We want a permanent and solid change. 

We want actions, not empty words. And so, this online bot that is literally calling out organizations for their gender pay gaps by quote tweeting their IWD posts is something we’d definitely like to talk about. 

The Verge

The bot, named Gender Pay Gap Bot, focuses on organizations in UK. Companies in the UK with a workforce of 250 or more are required by law, to report data about their gender pay gap. And we sure appreciate how the bot is unveiling the truth in a hot second.

Though of course, along with reporting companies that pay women less than men, the bot also posted about companies that are paying women equally, or even higher. That’s some good and fair reporting there Gender Pay Gap Bot! 

BTW, airline company Ryanair turned out to have one of the worst pay gaps the bot called out, at the time we wrote this story. 

I have a newfound respect and admiration for technology now, TBH.