How a woman wants to dress up on her wedding day, or otherwise, is completely her choice and this Kerala bride decided to not follow the norms on her big day. 

She decided to go for jewelry made out of coconut shells, instead of gold. The reason? she did not want to be ‘gold-plated’.

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This is a term used to define the overall get-up of brides, specifically South-Indian brides, because it is aimed that every inch of their exposed body should be covered with gold. 

This leads to insane demand for the prized metal, something jewelers benefit a lot from. The tradition also results in the illegal smuggling of gold which can never be good.

Elizabeth decided that at her wedding, she will have none of this and went to meet the jeweler she knew from Kerala who specialises in making pieces out of coconut shells. 


What made everything even more special was the fact that his process is worker-friendly and obviously, does not harm the environment which something like gold mining does.

Obviously, Elizabeth does not oppose gold jewelry but it is unacceptable to her that it would become an obligation and/or a means to showcase wealth.

On her wedding day, Elizabeth paired the jewelry with a mundu and looked gorgeous in it.

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Oh, and she was born on World Coconut Day.

H/T: Womensweb