40 Best Fun Drinking Games for Adults, Couples & Parties: Spirited Fun

Isha Jalan

We add music, conversation, dancing lights, and a whole lot of other things to jazz up a house party. But how do you make it even cooler? You guessed it. Enter the world of drinking games for adults! These aren’t your ordinary games, they’re the life of the party, adding a pinch of excitement and craziness to any social event or house gathering.

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Whether you’re a seasoned party-goer or someone new to the scene, we’ve curated a list of the 40 best fun drinking games that will fill your night with memorable moments and endless entertainment. Get ready to raise your glasses and dive into these easy-to-understand and engaging drinking games that are sure to liven up any occasion.

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Drinking Card Games

Get ready to mix and match and raise a glass to good times as we delve into a variety of these lively and captivating card based drinking games ideal for your upcoming social gathering.

1. Kings Cup- Card Drinking Game

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This one is a card deck drinking game. Kings Cup is best enjoyed with a large number of people. Here’s how to play-

  1. Arrange the cards face down in a circle around a large cup or glass that will be known as the King’s Cup in the whole game.
  2. Every card has a rule associated with it, which is written below.
  3. Ace (A) Waterfall- Each player begins to drink, and the winner of the card decides when to stop. The individual to their right is unable to quit drinking until the individual in front of them does.
  4. Two (2): You- Choose a player to take a drink.
  5. Three (3): Me- The person who picks the card drinks.
  6. Four (4): Floor- Everyone will touch the floor, the last person to touch it will drink.
  7. Five (5): Guys- All male players have to drink.
  8. Six (6): Chicks- All female players have to drink
  9. Seven (7) Heaven- The last player to point towards the sky drinks.
  10. Eight (8) Mate- Choose a drinking friend, who will drink whenever you drink.
  11. Nine (9) Rhyme- Players take turns saying rhymes after you say a word. The first person to repeat a word or fail to come up with a rhyme gets drunk.
  12. Ten (10): Categories- Choose a category (e.g., brands of cars, colors), and players take turns naming items in that category. The first player who can’t think of an item or repeats one drink.
  13. Jack (J): Rule- The players who draw the card will create a rule that everyone must follow till the end of the game.
  14. Queen (Q): Question Master- Until the next Queen is drawn, the player who draws this card can ask any other player a question. If that player responds, they drink.
  15. King (K): Pour some of your drink into the King’s Cup in the center. The player who draws the fourth King must drink the contents of the King’s Cup, and the game ends.

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2. Never Have I Ever

by Askar Abayev on pexels

Never Have I Ever is a great alcohol card game to know your friends’ secrets! Here’s how to play-

  1. The player begins by saying “Never Have I Ever…” and says something that he/she has never done before. For eg: Never have I never driven a car, and any player in the circle who has done the mentioned action must take a sip of their drink.
  2. The game then moves on to the next player and he/she says “Never Have I Ever…” followed by a statement about something they haven’t done.
  3. Repeat this process with each player taking turns. The game goes on until the players decide to end this.

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3. Drunk Jenga – Jenga Drinking Game

Drunk Jenga is like normal Jenga and one of the best drinking games but with funny and crazy challenges written on each of the 54 Jenga blocks. Here’s how to play-

  1. To build a stable tower, arrange the wooden blocks in rows of three, switching directions with each level. This is how you set up a standard Jenga tower.
  2. Each block in the Jenga tower will have a different rule or task written on it. For eg, Take one turn, sip a drink, sing and dance, etc.
  3. Players will sit around the tower and take turns pulling out one block using one hand at a time, ensuring that it does not collapse. When a player successfully removes one block, they must perform the action written on it.
  4. The game continues till the tower is stable and ends when the tower falls. The player responsible for causing the tower to collapse has to finish their drink or perform a designated task.

4. Thumper

This is a quick, and one of the easy party drinking games for the time when people start falling asleep! Here’s the guide-

  1. All you need to do is sit around a table and pick a hand motion for yourself. You could choose a victory sign or let your imagination run wild.
  2. Everyone thumps at the table and the game begins. You start your hand action and then do someone else’s action, while the others continue thumping.
  3. Now, the person whose hand action was done repeats his action, and of the one whose turn he wants next.
  4. Whoever messes up or takes too long to react will drink. To make the game more fun, you can also make a sound for everyone and do the action.

5. Straight Face


It is fun and interactive and one of the best drunk games to play. Here’s a guide-

  1. When you get drunk, it’s tough to keep a straight face and this game challenges just that.
  2. You write funny or inappropriate sentences on small pieces of paper- ones that are tough to read while keeping a straight face.
  3. Each player picks up a chit of paper and tries to keep a straight face.
  4. The one who giggles or reacts has to drink!

6. Uno drinking game


Here’s a fun way to play drunk uno card game-

  1. Decide on the drinking rules for each card. Distribute the seven cards to each player and lace the remaining deck face-down as the draw pile.
  2. Start the game by picking the top card from the draw pile. Players take turns matching the card from their hand to the top card of the draw pile. If they can’t match the card, they have to pick one card from the draw pile.
  3. You can modify the rules for each card. For eg, If you Draw Two (+2), then the next player must drink two sips and forfeit their turn.
  4. The first player to get rid of all cards wins the game.

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Drinking Games For Couples

Drunk card games for couples offer a fun and intimate way to laugh, have fun, and create unforgettable memories. Get ready to explore an array of question drinking games for couples, that will add a delightful twist to your quality time with your partner.

7. Flip Cup – Drinking Games For Two People

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Flip Cup is a good starter for a house party and the best drinking game for 2 people. Here’s how to play-

  1. In this game, two teams are competing against each other.
  2. Both teams stand on opposite sides of the table and keep their cups with drinks at the edge.
  3. Everyone must finish their drink and flip the cup with their fingers to the upside-down position before the next member begins.
  4. The first team to complete this wins.

8. Truth or Drink

This is a drinking game for 2 people, which enhances the connection between partners. Here’s how to play-

  1. One partner asks the other a question. The question can be of any topic. For eg, “What’s your favorite memory of us”?
  2. The partner can answer the question or if he/she doesn’t want to answer a question, then they take a sip of their drink.
  3. Continue taking turns asking questions and either answering truthfully or choosing to take a drink as a punishment for not answering.

9. Two Truths and a lie


It is a simple yet icebreaker and one of the best drinking games for adults that encourages fun interactions among participants. Here’s how to play:

  1. Gather the participants in a circle. Each person has to share two true statements and two false statements about themselves.
  2. Other players take turns guessing which statement is false and which they think is a lie. If they guess wrong, they must take a sip.
  3. After guessing, the player reveals which statement is right and which is false. Rotate turns clockwise or randomly.
  4. Keep track of the guesses of each player. The player with the most correct guesses wins.

10. Battle of the Sexes


The goal of this drinking card games is to enjoy each other’s company and respect each other’s perspectives and boundaries. Here’s how to play-

  1. Ask gender-related questions to your partner that can be about preferences, stereotypes, personal experiences, or general knowledge.
  2. The asking partner presents the question, and both partners independently guess the other’s response.
  3. After writing down their answers, reveal them simultaneously.
  4. If a partner correctly guesses the other person’s response, then the other partner must drink as a penalty. If both partners guess incorrectly, then there’s no penalty, and the game moves on to the next question.

11. Movie/TV Show Drinking Game


The primary goal of this game is to have lots of fun and enjoyable experiences together. Here’s how to play-

  1. Choose a movie or a TV Show that you both enjoy. Create specific drinking rules. For eg, Drink each time when a character performs a specific action or drink when a certain phrase is said.
  2. Follow the established drinking rules throughout the viewing experience.
  3. As the drinking cues appear, respond to them and offer commentary to make the experience engaging and enjoyable.

12. Kiss, Marry, Kill


It is a lighthearted game that allows couples to engage in a playful banter. Here’s the guide-

  1. Take turns presenting three names (celebrities, mutual friends, fictional characters, etc.). Each name will be paired with three actions; kiss, marry, or kill.
  2. The other partner must choose who would they kiss, marry, and kill.
  3. If they refuse to answer, they must take a drink.
  4. Switch roles and continue playing until one decides to finish the game.

13. Rhyme Time


Here’s the guide to play Rhyme time-

  1. One partner says a word and the other has to say a word that rhymes with the word his/her partner has said.
  2. Continue taking turns until someone hesitates, repeats a word, or can’t think of a rhyming word.
  3. The person who does so has to sip a drink.

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Drinking Board Games

Explore a collection of dynamic and drunk board games designed to incorporate dares, challenges, and a whole lot of entertainment. You can never make enough of these drinking board games.

14. Drinkopoly (Drinking Monopoly)

This is a boozy twist on the classic Monopoly game and is one of the best drinking games without cards. Here’s how to play it-

  1. Establish specific drinking rules before starting the game. Such as landing on an unowned property may result in a sip of the drink, or if a player owns the property and another player lands on it, the rent payment can be combined with a drinking challenge.
  2. If a player goes bankrupt or is eliminated from the game, they have to finish their entire drink.
  3. The game continues until one player remains solvent, while others go bankrupt. The winner may have the privilege of assigning a final drinking challenge.

15. Beer Pong Board Game


Here’s the guide to play Beer Pong-

  1. Gather plastic cups in a triangle shape at each end of the table. Fill the cups partially with champagne or wine.
  2. Form two teams in which every team will take turns throwing a ping pong ball into the opponent’s cups.
  3. If a ball lands in the cup, the opposing team must drink the champagne from that cup.
  4. The first team to eliminate all the opponent’s cups wins the game.
  5. The Beer Pong Board Game may have additional rules or challenges indicated on the board spaces or cards.
  6. The game continues until a player reaches the final space or completes a predetermined goal.

16. Drink-a-Palooza

the chuggernauts

This is one of the finest drinking games for adults, which offers a diverse range of drinking games and challenges and provides a lively and dynamic experience for players. This is also one of the best alcohol card games. Here’s how you can play it-

  1. Players take turns rolling the dice and moving around the board. Follow the instructions indicated on the spaces where the players land.
  2. Each space has a mention of a different mini-game or challenge. Players may face penalty or rewards based on the outcome of the challenge.
  3. The game continues until the player collects all required game pieces, or reaches the end goal.
  4. The first player to reach the end goal becomes the winner of Drink-a-Palooza.

17. The Game of Things” Drinking Edition

by Kevin Malik on Pexels

It is a variation of the classic game, that incorporates drinking rules and challenges. Here is how you can play it-

  1. Choose one player to be the reader of the round. Their role is to read the prompts and collect responses.
  2. After drawing a card, the reader reads the prompt out loud to each player. “Things you shouldn’t do in public,” for instance.
  3. Each player writes down a funny or creative response on a piece of paper anonymously and gives it to the reader.
  4. The reader reads aloud each response and players take turns guessing who wrote each response.
  5. If you guess incorrectly, then you must drink. If you guessed it right, then you gain a new point.
  6. The player with the most correct guesses wins.

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18. Picolo Drinking Game


It is an entertaining drinking game that offers a variety of challenges and is one of the best drinking games online. Here is how you can play it-

  1. Install the Picolo App on your smartphone and tap ‘Start’ to begin the game.
  2. The app prompts players with the various tasks, challenges, or questions that they must perform or answer.
  3. Depending on the tasks or challenges, players must assign drinks to themselves or other players.
  4. The app rotates tasks among players, keeping track of individual scores.

19. Beer Chess


It is a twist on the classic game of chess. Here is how you can play it-

  1. Before starting the game, establish several drinking rules. Such as pawn = 1 sip, rook = 2 sips, queen = finish the drink.
  2. Whenever a player captures the opponent’s piece, the opponent must drink.
  3. When a player delivers a checkmate, the losing player has to finish his/her drink.
  4. Players strategize their moves while enjoying a social and engaging drinking game.

Party Drinking Games

Whether it’s a casual hangout or a night out with friends, these adult drinking party games bring an extra layer of entertainment and camaraderie to the table. Get ready to create lasting memories with these spirited alcoholic party games.

20. Buzz

by Kevin Malik on Pexels

This is one of the easiest and best drinking games without cards. Here’s how to play-

  1. Each player starts counting a number and says it aloud, except 7 and its multiples, in which case, you say buzz.
  2. If you don’t, you drink. Simple!

21. Most Likely


It is one of the engaging party games for adults with drinking. Here’s the guide to play-

  1. The group sits in a circle and asks a ‘most likely’ question. For example, “Who would be most likely to fart in front of strangers?”
  2. After counting to three, everyone points at a person who they think is most likely to do so.
  3. The person who has the maximum number of fingers pointed at them, drinks as many drinks.

22. Bite the Bag

This is one of the best fun alcoholic party games, which you must try at your house party. Here’s how to play-

  1. You keep a bag on the ground and take turns to lean and pick it up using only your mouth.
  2. Mind you, no hands allowed. If you can’t pick the bag, you have to drink.
  3. As each round passes, an inch of the bag is chopped, and this goes on for as many rounds till only the bottom of the bag is left.

23. Attached at the Hip

game rules

An awesome ice-breaker for your guests and one of the lively adult drinking party games. This game will get them close, quite literally! Here’s the guide-

  1. You scribble body parts on pieces of paper and put them together.
  2. Everyone makes a team of two and picks up two chits.
  3. They have to make sure that the body parts mentioned in the chits touch each other or are ‘attached’ for as long as they can.
  4. Every time someone separates, they take a shot.

24. Quarters

Here’s the guide to playing Quarters, which is a popular drinking game-

  1. Place the shot glass in the center of a table. The goal is to land the quarter inside the glass.
  2. If a player successfully lands a quarter in the glass, they can nominate another player to drink.
  3. If a player fails to get a quarter in the glass, the turn passes to the next player in a clockwise direction.
  4. If a player is nominated to drink but refuses or fails to do so, then they have to take more drinks.
  5. The game continues as long as the players wish to keep playing.

25. Flip, Sip, or Strip

game rules

It is a light-hearted and fun drinking game. Here’s the guide-

  1. The first player flips the coin and calls it ‘heads’ or ‘tails’ while it is in the air. If a player’s guess matches the coin landing, they get to choose another player to act: Sip or strip.
  2. If a player chooses to sip, then the selected player must take a sip of their drink. If a player chooses to strip, then he/she should remove a piece of his/her clothing.
  3. The player who acts becomes the flipper of the next round.
  4. The game continues as long as the players want.

26. Edward 40 Hands

pan de todos

It is a drinking game intended for fun and entertainment. Here’s how you can play it-

  1. Each participant needs two 40 oz. bottles of beer or malt liquor. Participants must start drinking from the bottles and they cannot use their hands for anything else until the bottles are empty.
  2. The game ends when both the bottles are finished, and the tape is removed from their hands.

Movie Drinking Games

Get ready to grab your favorite drink, follow the rules, and immerse yourself in a whole new dimension of drinking game film enjoyment!

27. The Big Lebowski Drinking Game

drinking game zone

This is one of the best drinking game movies and is meant for entertainment. Here’s how you can play it-

  1. Drink every time The Dude (Jeff Bridges) says “man” or “dude.”
  2. Take a sip when The Dude bowls or mentions bowling.
  3. Drink whenever Walter (John Goodman) mentions Vietnam.
  4. Modify the rules based on the group’s drinking preferences.

28. Harry Potter Movie Drinking Game

dagon dogs

Ensure everyone is comfortable with the game rules and pace. This is one of the amazing movie drinking games. Here’s how to play it-

  1. Drink when a character says the names “Harry,” “Ron,” or “Hermione.”
  2. Take a sip whenever a spell is cast in the movie.
  3. Drink whenever someone mentions or uses “Quidditch.”
  4. Finish your drink when Voldemort’s name is mentioned.
  5. Modify the rules based on the group’s drinking preferences.

29. Lord of the Rings Movie Drinking Game

drinks and laughs

Enjoy the epic adventure of Middle-earth while having a great time with your friends. Here’s the guide-

  1. Take a sip whenever the ring is shown in the movie.
  2. Drink when a character mentions “Sauron” or “Mordor.”
  3. Drink whenever Frodo, Sam, or Gandalf say each other’s names.
  4. Finish your drink when a battle scene starts.
  5. Modify the rules based on the group’s drinking preferences.

30. Marvel Movie Drinking Game

mental floss

Enjoy the superhero action and cinematic universe while having a fantastic time with your friends! Here’s the guide-

  1. Drink whenever a superhero’s real name is mentioned or every time a superhero showcases their power or abilities.
  2. Finish your drink if a character says the movie’s title in dialogue.
  3. Take a sip whenever the action scene starts.
  4. Modify the rules based on the group’s drinking preferences.

31. Star Wars Movie Drinking Game

french toast sunday

Here’s the guide on how to play Star Wars Movie Drinking Game-

  1. Take a sip whenever a lightsaber is ignited.
  2. Drink when a character mentions “The Force”.
  3. Take a sip each time a spaceship or starship appears on screen.
  4. Modify the rules based on the group’s drinking preferences.

32. Disney Movie Drinking Game

backyard games

Here’s the guide on how to play Disney Movie Drinking Game-

  1. Take a sip when a Disney princess or prince is introduced.
  2. Take a sip whenever a sidekick character appears on the screen.
  3. Drink every time a character bursts into a song or musical number.
  4. Modify the rules based on the group’s drinking preferences.

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33. Jurassic Park Movie Drinking Game

TV and movie drinking games

Enjoy the thrilling adventure of dinosaurs while having a roaring good time with your friends! Here’s the guide-

  1. Drink every time someone mentions the word “dinosaur” or “Jurassic Park” in the movie
  2. Take a sip whenever a dinosaur appears on the screen.
  3. Finish your drink during a major action sequence.
  4. Modify the rules based on the group’s drinking preferences.

3 Player Drinking Games

Explore this carefully chosen collection of drinking games for 3 people and learn how these games can transform a quiet evening into a lively and memorable event with your closest friends.

34. Word Association

by MART PRODUCTION on pexels

It is a quick-thinking and one of the good drinking games that stimulates creativity. Here’s how to play:

  1. Gather people in a group and select a starting word or phrase to start the game.
  2. The first player says a word that is associated with the starting word. Then, the next player quickly responds with a word associated with the previous word.
  3. No words that have been repeated should be said by the player. Players need to think fast and continue the chain without repetition or hesitation.
  4. When someone hesitates, then he/she must drink.

35. Three-Man

games and celebrations

It is a fun and one of the fast-paced 3 player drinking games. Here’s the guide-

  1. Three players sit in a circle and players take turns rolling two dice. The player with the highest total becomes Three-Man.
  2. When a player rolls 3, then Three-Man drinks and the roller becomes a new Three-Man. When he rolls 7, the player to the roller’s left drinks. When he rolls 9, the player to the roller’s right drinks. When he rolls 11, both players to the roller’s side drink.
  3. When he rolls doubles, the roller assigns drinks equal to the value of the dice (e.g., rolling double 3s means Three-Man drinks 6 sips).
  4. When someone rolls doubles, the Three-Man must quickly say “Three-Man” before any other player; failure results in drinking.
  5. The game can continue until the players decide to end it.

36. Shot Roulette

by cottonbro studio on pexels

Enjoy the Shot Roulette responsibly and have a great time with friends. This is also one of the best drinking games online. Here’s the guide-

  1. Fill each shot glass with different types of alcohol.
  2. Assign each shot glass a number or color on the roulette wheel.
  3. The shot denoted by the number or color that the roulette wheel or randomizer lands on must be consumed by the player that it chooses.
  4. Rotate turns among the three players, allowing everyone an equal chance to spin and take a shot.

37. Thumb Master

by olia danilevich on pexels

It is a simple and one of the funniest good drinking games, but it should be played responsibly. Here’s the guide-

  1. Among three players, one is designated as the Thumb Master. He/She can secretly place their thumb at the table at any time during the game.
  2. Whenever the Thumb master places his/her thumb on the table, the other players must do the same.
  3. The player who lastly places his/her thumb on the table must take a drink.
  4. After a round, the Thumb Master role shifts to another player. The game continues until the players decide to end it.

38. Card Pyramid

Enjoy the game and have a great time with friends while staying safe and responsible. Here’s the guide-

  1. Arrange the cards facedown in a pyramid shape: 1 card at the top, then 2 cards beneath it, and so on, forming rows.
  2. Deal the remaining cards evenly among three players.
  3. Players take turns flipping over the cards in the pyramid, starting from the bottom row.
  4. Assign drinking rules to different card values. For eg, the player who flips the ace card assigns a drink to any other player.
  5. Players continue flipping cards until the entire pyramid is revealed.

39. Categories

by cottonbro studio on pexels

It is a fast-paced game, meant for entertainment purposes. Here’s how you can play it-

  1. One player begins by selecting a category such as “Types of Fruit,” “Car Brands,” or “Colors”.
  2. Each person must quickly name something that fits the category.
  3. If someone hesitates, repeats, or can’t come up with a name, then he/she must drink.
  4. Rotate turns, allowing each player to choose a new category and start the naming chain.

40. Chandelier

A chandelier is an entertaining and social game but should be played responsibly. It is one of the best drunk games to play. Here’s the guide-

  1. Gather three players and arrange the cups in a circular formation on the table, filled with drinks. The center cup is the “Chandelier.”
  2. Players take turns bouncing the ping pong balls into the cups.
  3. If a ball lands in the player’s cup, then the player must drink the contents of the cup.
  4. If a ball lands in the Chandelier’s cup, then every person has to drink.
  5. Rotate turns among the three players, allowing each player a chance to bounce the ball.
  6. The game continues until the players decide to end it.

Hope you have a good party, folks! Stay safe and responsible.

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