10 Brutally Honest Gifts For Your Toxic Manager If Your Company’s Forcing You To Be Secret Santa

Vasudha Sabharwal

Tis’ the season! It’s that time of the year when your bosses will be forcing you to loosen your purse strings and play Secret Santa. Your unwilling self will again pick some cliché self-help book to gift that toxic manager in the hope that it goes inside their head. But guess what? Nothing happens. They’re still the ruthless prick they were!


To elevate you from your misery and ease your troublesome search for the perfect Christmas gift, we have these 10 options that could make a difference for good (OR FOR WORSE).

(Stunts mentioned below are not meant for real life unless you want to get fired. Exercise caution!)

1. Drop an anonymous New Year’s Resolution card on their table that screams their new resolve to TREAT JUNIORS BETTER in 2023.

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Or that they won’t make their life a living hell. Or they’d thank juniors for tolerating them despite a hundred odds. Or that they’d stop micromanaging. Let them know they’re problematic and they suck.

2. Gift a photo frame with a photoshopped picture of their face on Joffrey Baratheon’s body.


It will be symbolic. On the way too many levels!

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3. You can even gift a self-help book with a title that seems like a personal attack.


Perhaps, Burn Anger Before Anger Burns You or Do Nothing!: How to Stop Overmanaging and Become a Great Leader.

4. Collaborate with your teammates and hold an intervention for the micromanager. It’s high time they get a reality check!


Get all candid, share your problems, and stress the pressing need for them to address the team’s issues for enhanced productivity. Let them know their constant micromanagement is annoying AF, and they’re harbouring a toxic work culture.

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5. Gift them a holiday calendar for 2023, so they remember they can’t expect you to work on official holidays.


Bosses who make juniors work during official holidays are the worst kind!

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6. A wall clock for their house so they see the time before calling you at 10:30 PM for feedback on the deck you mailed them in the morning.


There’s a life outside the office. Let juniors live it!

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7. Send them a voice note from your frustrated desi mom. She’ll know what to say.


There’s no better roaster than an irked and concerned desi mom. Just give her your phone, and your boss will never dare to trouble you.

8. A cigarette lighter so that they can use it — instead of you — for gaslighting.


Stop blaming us for wrong briefs and your leadership blunders.

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9. A mouth freshener so that they never exhale derogatory and destructive feedback.


Good vibes only!

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10. If you’ve already reached your saturation point, go out in STYLE and drop truth bombs.


Let truth prevail! BTW — Epic Resignation Letters You Can Take Ideas From If You’re Planning To Quit Your Job — in case you need more inspiration.

So, what are you gifting?

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