Don’t Be Mad At Me For These PJs Because I Know You’re Laughing

Abhijeet Bhatt

You know what’s common between all the famous stand-up comics in the world? They’ve all, at some point of time or the other, cracked a ‘Poor Joke’ (fondly called a PJ). And why not? After all, PJs have a charm of their own. I personally feel that you need an extra gram of grey matter to concoct a nice PJ. You need to have extra sharp observational skills.

So if you too have been, at some point of time or the other rebuked for cracking that zehreela PJ, you can redeem yourself by laughing out loud at these super funny PJs. Check ’em out.

Check Out – Jokes For Stoners 

Check Out – Masturbation Jokes

Check Out – Old Jokes We Grew Up Listening To

Check Out – Non-Veg Jokes 

Check Out – Jokes Your Dad Would Love To WhatsApp You

Check Out – Short People Jokes

Check Out – Jokes About Life In India

Check Out – Best Smart-Ass Insults

Designs by: Lakshya Vij (Contact for marriage cards designing)

Say it loud! You crack PJs and you’re proud!

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