It would be an understatement to say that we love sex. But do we know about all the ways to enjoy it?

I'd say no because some of us are still looking for where exactly a clit is (sigh). But, one way to hype things up is by introducing sex toys in your life.

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So, if you're looking to add spice to your sex life or just show yourself some extra love, then here are a few websites where you can buy your fave weapons from (wink wink).

1. Adult Products India

Although the name might be a 'turn-off', looks like this site has a variety of products to try. From realistic looking toys to stocking on some sexy lingerie, you'll find everything here.
You can buy from here .

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2. Privy Pleasures

Just like their name, this site has taken it upon itself to cater to everything pleasure. Couples games, lingerie for men and women, exciting toys, you name it.
You can buy from here .

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3. Love Treats

Want some treats? How about some loveee treats? Well, you gotta look up this site. They have some really cool toys that would be an absolute treat to have if you know what I mean.
You can buy from here .

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4. Besharam

Thoda besharam hona toh banta hai na isleye get on this site and get bombarded with the wide variety of options you get to shop from. Not just that, they even have some good offers so go grab 'em quickly (LOL I can't help myself from making such puns.)
You can buy from here .

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5. Naughty Nights

For all your naughty nights, you have this saviour. From discreet delivery to cash on delivery, you will not have to fret about anything.
You can buy from here .

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6. Kaamastra

Let me just say it out loud, yeh aapke bohot  'kaam' ayega. And, if you're a newbie then you can always try their combo packs so that you get a lot of things in one go without getting too confused.
You can buy from here.

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7. Adults Care

All of us need a little bit of care once in a while, which is why you can try this site for everything sex-toy related and even more. They even have a blog section filled with relatable content. So, the next time you feel awkward or if it's your first time trying sex toys, you can refer to them.
You can buy from here .

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8. Pure Passion

Along with the regular toys and combos, Pure Passion also has male and female contraceptives. But what steals the deal is the fact that they run 'Offer Of The Month' where you can get one product at a very good rate.
You can buy from here .

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Get shopping already because good times are waiting.