There is another common thread that binds monkeys and humans. Both know that it is advisable to visit a doctor when there is an injury.

In a widely circulated video, a monkey visits a small clinic in Bihar with her baby. The monkey is seen seated in the clinic with the baby held close to her chest.

The video is from Sasaram, Bihar. The monkey entered Dr S M Ahmed’s Medico Clinic in Sasaram’s Shahjama around noon and sat on the patient’s seat. In the video, the monkey can also be seen lying on the patient’s bed after she is treated.

Speaking to reporters, Dr Ahmed said how he was initially scared but when he saw the monkey’s face he knew the animal needed treatment. According to reports, the doctor gave her a tetanus shot and applied ointment on the wounds. The mother had some wounds and scars on her face while the baby had injuries on the leg. The monkey and the child sat patiently throughout.

The video went viral and Twitter is amazed by the monkey’s intelligence.

The doctor treated both the monkeys. Later, he asked the crowd to disperse so as to not frighten the animal any further.