Earlier this week, in his monthly address to the nation, Prime Minister Narendra Modi spoke about the Indie breeds which are the pride of our nation. 

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But India’s growing obsession with pedigree breeds has led us to look past our diverse variety of  homegrown community Indies. 

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However, these heartwarming stories of Indies and strays finding their forever, loving home and having their happily after will inspire you to #AdoptDontShop, the next time you plan to get a pet: 

1. Once a stray doggo wandering the streets of India, Chapati is now travelling the world with her Ukrainian parents. 

2. Kuvi, the brave doggo who traced its owner’s body during the Munnar Landslide and broke the internet’s heart has now been adopted by a police official. 

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3. Indie doggos Chloe and Valentine found their forever home in the comfort of Shikhar Dhawan’s house: 

4. Bunch of Mudhol hounds made history by becoming the first Indie Canine officers to be recruited and trained in the army as service dogs, proudly competing with Labradors and German Shepherds:


5. The helpless stray doggo who was distressed and traumatised during the Delhi violence got rescued and was nursed back to health:

6. All the Indie doggos from Paatal Lok who are now superstars are getting recognition for their lineage as people and fans inquire about them: 

7. Kittu, a two-year-old stray who was found unconscious by a Non Resident Indian visiting Hyderabad was rescued and is now sunbathing on the white sand beaches of Jacksonville, Florida. 


8. Stray and Indie doggos, shatter the glass ceiling and gracefully flaunt their lineage with pride at the Great Indian Dog Show. With their paw-some-ness, they’ll make you believe that they rightfully deserve to be included in every dog show. 

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9. The street dog who was once a Gully Boy with both is hips shattered was rescued and nursed by a foreign national and now is a Globetrotter who was born to travel: 

10. Meet Chotu who was rescued after a car ran over his head, Puma a kitty who was found wandering the streets of Mumbai and Cuddles who was once abandoned for not being a ‘pure bred’. Along with their pet mom, Raveena Tandon, they’re on a mission to spread awareness about #AdoptDontShop:

11. A bunch of stray doggos were adopted by Bengaluru City Police and now are under training to be recruited in the department’s canine unit. 


12. A stray dog trained by Uttarakhand Police and recruited to their dog squad successfully outperformed every other breed  in terms of his training: 

13. Brownie, a stray puppy in Pune found her forever home when a doctor rescued her. 16 years later she saved his life by alerting the neighbours about her pet parent having a heartattack.

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14. Indie doggo Bhura Bhaiya got a full blown billboard from his hooman, wishing him a very happy birthday!


You too can help an Indie, stray, abandoned or rescue doggo find a forever home.  #AdoptDontShop and become the reason for their happily ever after.