Our pets are our families and best friends – there’s no denying that. And after a point, we cannot really imagine not having them around, it’s like they become a part of our lives. So, when a dog reunited with its owner after 5 years, the video of them meeting again, left us all with a little bit of tears – the happy kind.


A Twitter user that goes by the name, GoodNewsMovement shared the video, where the dog reunites with its owner. The dog had been missing since 5 years and the family thought they’d never see it again. However, it was found and rescued. In this video, the owner can be seen rushing towards the dog, and it’s honestly like watching a scene from a movie. 

This video went viral on the internet, and has over 751K views (at the time of writing this article). Of course, people fell in love with it. 

The dog was reportedly stolen and that definitely left the family heartbroken. But the moment after they meet again, is as pure as it can get. 

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