Bihar is a wild place. On one hand, it produces one of the highest numbers of IAS officers in India and on the other some of the most bizarre incidents as well.

Some of the incidents that have occurred in Bihar are so bizarre that they almost sound made up!

And there are so many that we were able to make a list. Have a look!

1. Goons stole 2KM road

Goons from the Kharouni village in Bihar stole 2kms of road by ploughing and sowing wheat fields in its place.

only in bihar bizarre things

2. Fraudsters ran a fake Police Station just metres away from a real one

A group of con artists ran a fake police station 500 meters away from a real one in Bihar’s Banka, and it took the authorities 8 months to find that out. 

only in bihar bizarre things

3. A Bihar University student scored 151 out of 100 in an exam

Taking “extra marks for good handwriting” to the next level, a BA Honours undergraduate student at Lalit Narayan Mithila University (LNMU), Bihar was awarded 151% on his Political Science exam. Not just that, he also failed that exam!

only in bihar bizarre things
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4. Monkey visited a clinic with her baby to get her wounds treated by a Doctor

No, we are not quoting some kid’s nursery rhyme. In Bihar, a monkey along with her baby entered Dr S M Ahmed’s Medico Clinic in Sasaram’s Shahjama around noon and sat on the patient’s seat to get treated for their wounds.

5. A Coaching centre played an item number in class

A while back, a video got viral on the internet which showed a teacher from a coaching centre named ‘Vikas’ playing Bhojpuri item number in the class and the crowd chearing. Kya ‘Vikas’ hai!

6. Bihar daily wager who earns ₹500/day got an Income Tax notice of ₹37.5 lakh

A daily wager from Maghauna village in Khagaria district of Bihar, who earns ₹500/day, was slammed with an Income Tax notice of ₹37.5 lakh.

only in bihar bizarre things
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7. A man created a model of his first car, a Mahindra Scorpio, and installed it on the terrace of his four-storey house

A man in Bhagalpur, Bihar purchased his first car, a Mahindra Scorpio, and as an ode to his car he installed a Scorpio water tank on his terrace.

only in bihar bizarre things

8. A student fanned the teacher as she peacefully sleeps in class

At a government primary school in Bagahi Puraina village of West Champaran district, a teacher was seen sleeping as a student fanned her and rest of the students sat on the floor.

Well, some things only happen in Bihar!