Picture this. You have firmly made up your mind that you want to take a new step in your career and have decided to hand in your resignation. But because of reasons only known to your boss, he simply refuses to accept your resignation. Sounds quite unlikely, right? But this actually happened with this Reddit user.


Posted on the anti-work subreddit, a user shared their resignation horror story. The Reddit post read, “Tried to quit my job and they said no.” The boss stated that the user had to complete a minimum of one year before they could leave the organization.

We dug around a little deeper and found another post by the same user which had all the details. The post mentioned that the user was an “employee at will” and that they could terminate their “employment for any reason without penalty.” They just had to give a four weeks notice.

Turns out, the employer was still keen on having the user in their company. The employer also mentioned that if the employee resigned without fulfilling the one-year commitment they would refuse to give them their letter of recommendation.

boss refused resignation

The post has also been shared on Twitter and people are absolutely gobsmacked at how this situation is panning out. Here’s what people had to say.

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There are countless resignation stories on the internet, but this one takes the cake.