The corporate culture might be touted as productive and collaborative, but let’s face it, it is a mix of everything that you don’t want. This culture only benefits the CEOs and the upper management, the employers who work on the lower rungs are exploited, overworked, and put through toxic situations.

corporate culture

In this day and age, almost every company has something about their culture that is toxic. Sadly, employees are not able to raise their voices and speak up about them because they fear losing their jobs; and frankly, in this economy, no one can afford that to happen. We found a Reddit thread where people spilled the tea and shared secrets from their previous workplaces and each answer is just sad. Read on below.

1. “This is not for any specific company, but I work with a lot of startups. The number of startups that proudly say ‘Made In India’ after importing from China is unreal. There are no checks on these things. It’s free for all.” – No-Way7911


2. “I worked at a startup and they used to show inflated business transactions to their investors to just let them know they were doing absolutely fine. However, in contrast, the whole month’s sale was less than one transaction value. This is how they cheated the investors.” – SoftPalpitation8937


3. “The company I used to work for used to run a scam call centre at night and a legitimate startup during the day. Without realizing it, I created a website for them until I realized what was happening. I left the job immediately.” – ThePreacher19021


4. “It’s a FinTech company. They have no legit business being brought in. All employees come to sit, gossip, eat, and leave. I left after a few months of trying to make them work. One of the juniors in the marketing department slept with the director and got promoted recently.” – viserenya

toxic corporate culture

5. “Applied for a SAP developer internship. Turns out the work wasn’t what they mentioned in the job description. On the first day itself, they said that I had to sign a 2-year bond. The whole staff just used to come and gossip in a meeting room and just eat all day. I and one other intern decided to quit on the third day.” – Little_Sandwich3381


6. “Almost every charitable/not-for-profit institute is run like a business. Not only are they profitable, they are some of the most shrewd business people you’ll come across. They keep track of margins and stuff internally. They use profits to buy land to expand their institutes and then claim non-profitability based on faulty land values. Plus of course, they get tax exemption and no strict auditing of their assets.” – BaapKePaiseIEat

company secret

7. “The company that I worked at plagiarises an international brand’s designs and sells on Myntra, Nykaa etc.” – cutebutpsycho30


8. “I used to work at the most-read English news website. The topmost editor was a govt pawn and a lobbyist with no journalistic background. Multiple stories were removed every day from the website so his actual bosses don’t get mad. Irony died the day he made me remove the story which said India’s press freedom index is at an all-time low. Conditions are the same in every newsroom now, much worse and out in the open, especially in the Hindi channels. – aradhya1553

company secrets

9. “One of the companies I used to work for had an unsaid rule that every time someone leaves the company or gets fired, their salary used to get divided among all the remaining employees so that the ones who are left work harder and do not leave.” – BaconGarden


10. “The company I am quitting soon markets their financial advice using things like ‘AI, Deep Tech, Momentum, etc.’ It’s all a lie. It’s just marketing.” – indoos42


12. “WITCH companies are gonna collapse by 2030.” – Weak-Connection2374


Surviving in corporate is not for the faint of heart.