Almost three years into the pandemic, offices have shifted to working offline or in a hybrid model. New rules are being implemented with these measures in place – much to the employees’ pleasure and sometimes even displeasure.

In the case of the latter, a Twitter user posted a new office rule that is being implemented at their workplace. The new office rule states, “for every minute you are late for work, you will be required to work for 10 minutes after 6 PM.” In case this sounds a little complex, their workplace explained it further with an example. “For example, if you arrive at 10:02, you will have to stay an extra 20 minutes until 6:20 PM,” stated the notice.

Along with sharing the image, the user also captioned it as “when you know its time to quit.”

This did not go down well with Twitteratis and they shared their two cents on it.

Rather than implementing such draconian rules for the entire staff, employers should rather address it with the frequent late coming employees. We live in a world where certain things are beyond our control. It is impossible to control the traffic, for starters. If anything the pandemic has taught us concerning workplaces, it is the fact that treating your employees with empathy is literally the bare minimum.