Understanding the law and knowing your rights is complicated – given the jargon around the legal system. To understand your rights better, you would want someone to break all the nitty-gritty and lay them down in front of you in the simplest way possible. But who is gonna do this for you?
Enter law influencers on Instagram.

These influencers have used the platform to make laws simple. We have compiled a list of seven law influencers whose content you can watch on Instagram and educate yourselves, rather than watching the same reels over and over again.

1. Tanya Appachu (@yourinstalawyer)
Tanya is an alumnus of ILS, Pune.  With 157K followers on Instagram, she creates engaging content on rights you should know, ongoing trials, verdicts, etc., with a special focus on women’s rights. From something as simple as how to file a cyber crime complaint, to divorce laws, and alimony, you name it and she is bound to have something about that on her feed already.

2. Hiral Nagori (@hiral_nagori)
Hiral Nagori is currently pursuing an LLM in International Business at QMUL, London. With 3k followers, Hiral aims to make “you 1% smarter daily by posting about basic laws.” Staying true to her bio, she has made content on online shopping scams, the Aryan Khan case, abortion laws, etc. She also posts daily vlogs on her YouTube channel.

3. Harshita Agarwal (@traceyourcase)
Harshita is a law student and an entrepreneur. She also runs a website which offers legal case briefs for law students. She takes simple law terms and breaks them down (for eg: what is res judicata, what is a decree) while also providing information on laws which you should know of. Harshita has 43.8K followers on Instagram.

4. Priya Tiwari (@ap.laws)
Priya is a law student. With her page, she aims to make general legal information accessible to the public. Her content revolves around taking everyday issues and making people aware of the laws and rights at their disposal. She has 14.7K followers on Instagram.

5. Manasi Chaudhari (@pinklegal.in)
Founded by Advocate Manasi Chaudhari, Pink Legal has 20.5K followers on Instagram. It is touted as India’s first and only women’s rights awareness portal. The content aims to empower women by spreading legal awareness. Manasi is a corporate and entertainment-law lawyer.

6. Saral- Law Made Simple (@saral.law)
Saral is an initiative by a group of concerned young citizens. They post content in Hindi and English around topics which can affect each and every one of us. They have more than 2K followers on Instagram.

7. Rupali (@lawgicalconnect)
With 70.4K followers, Rupali shares simple and concise content spreading legal awareness daily. Her content revolves around daily issues and also around unique topics such as dual MRP, scams, and even changing of surnames, to name a few. 

It is time to follow these law influencers on Instagram and increase your legal awareness.