Bored stuck in lockdown and looking for something sexy to watch? Here is a list of the most erotic movies on Amazon Prime Video to keep you entertained. 

1. The Handmaiden 

In this Korean film, a con-man devices an elaborate plan to seduce a rich woman out of her inheritance. 


2. Cruel Intentions

In this teen movie, two step-siblings make a viscous plan to get the headmaster’s daughter in bed before the end of the term. 

Entertainment Weekly

3. Striptease 

A stripper finds herself tangled in a murder when a politician begins to take interest in her. 


4. Unfaithful 

The film that set the tone for all thriller romances, this movie follows a married woman’s affair with a stranger that threatens to ruin her marriage. 


5. Sliver

An editor moves to a new apartment, hoping for a fresh start. Only to find out that the house holds secrets, and she may be watched. Caution: Young William Baldwin will make you feel things. 

Heart Radio

6. Adore (Perfect Mothers) 

Two best friends begin an affair with each other’s sons but when one of the young men wants to fall in love with someone his own age, trouble ensues. 

Bright Young Things

7. Disobedience

A young woman returns to the orthodox community she left as a child, only to ignite a passionate affair with her childhood friend. 

Boca Raton Magazine

8. Lila Says

A 19-year-old teen befriends a 16-year-old girl in Paris and what follows raises quite a few eyebrows. 

Slant Magazine

It’s time to get sexy. 

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