Who doesn’t love unheard facts, specifically when they’re related to the film industry? Also, kya aap filmy ho? If you answered that with a ‘yes’ in your head, then please think again. 

Because, we’ve got facts from Bollywood, that not many people know of. I mean, they might just leave you very surprised. 

Thank us later. Because, here’s a list of some lesser-known facts about Bollywood:

1. Karan Johar made a cameo in Avengers: Endgame.

KJo made a brief appearence in a scene where Hulk, Ant-Man and Black Widow were at an eatery.

2. A Hindi reboot of How I Met Your Mother exists.

The Hindi version is called Wo Din Pyaar Aur Dosti Ke, and aired in 2006.

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3. Ananya Panday made her debut in Kuch Kuch Hota Hai.

She was among the many kids at the summer camp, where Anjali went.

4. Katrina Kaif and Vicky Kaushal first met on the sets of Tees Maar Khan. 

Vicky Kaushal was an assistant director on the film and they had connected, even then.

5. Imtiaz Ali pursued engineering and Tamasha is inspired from his life

He even added the monologue in the film that he prepared for his father.

Times of India

6. Alia Bhatt’s birth name is actually Meena Bhatt.

Karan Johar asked her to change it to Alia before SOTY, because of Meena Kumari’s association with being a tragedy queen.

7. Bollywood casts around 1,50,000 new actors every year.

Unlike what most claims state, Bollywood gives a chance to a lot of new people.

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8. Anil Kapoor has insured his hair.

Even he knows the value of his good looks.

9. SRK and Salman Khan were batchmates at Barry John’s school of acting.

They were friends even before they were launched as actors.


10. Kahaani was based on a real life story.

The film is inspired by a real person’s story.

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If you haven’t guessed it yet – April fool banaya!
Come on – of course, Bollywood doesn’t cast this many new actors. That’s just plain funny. Now, the Anil Kapoor fact might just be true, who knows.