This is clearly the age of comical mashups. Whether it’s a mashup made up of TV soap dialogues, of news channel announcements or viral videos, we’re experiencing a creative blow up in terms of how music is defined. Someone who’s adding to this blow up is music producer Anshuman Sharma. 

Anshuman keeps giving us hilarious mashups of everyday life occurrences. Do you remember his Arnab Goswami Drug do, drug do mashup?

Or his quick and smart tutorial videos on how to make Ritviz and Prateek Kuhad songs? 

Well, this time around, Sharma has published a tutorial of how to make a Badshah song! 


He’s given us all the right pointers. Like, making sure you add the word ‘baby,’ in the song, and to not miss making the lyrics about a girl you want to party with. Sound about right? Right? 


You can watch the epic video here to see just how to make your very own Badshah song too!

And here’s how people responded to this work of art by him!


We love the mini-music lesson he gave us in this video.