Web series have taken over our laptops, and our lives. And I, for one, have no complaints. Because some web series and fictional characters have left me smiling, crying, and introspecting and successfully forgetting reality, for at least, a little while. 

So here’s a look at some of the most favorite fictional characters from the Hindi web series of 2021: 

1. Sandeep Bhaiya: TVF Aspirants

Sandeep bhaiya deserves a warm hug, the last slice of pizza, kulhad wali chai, and hell, even my non-existent jaaydaad, because let’s face it, he’s one in a million! 


2. Chellam Sir: The Family Man

Yes, Atharv is all kinds of precious but no one is as effortlessly cool as Chellam sir. He is probably faster than Google and he could single-handedly correct half of the misinformation floating around.


3. Meena: TVF Kota Factory

We first fell in love with Meena when he talked about “rich people” eating cake and reminded us that friendship is precious. And in season 2, he once again proved he is too pure for this world.

4. Kavya’s Parents: Little Things S4

Cool, understanding, and undoubtedly adorable, Kavya’s parents were the highlight of the last season

5. Nurses Sneha Cherian and Samarth Joshi: Mumbai Diaries 26/11

Doctors, alone, don’t save lives. They do what they do, thanks to supporting medical staff. And nurses Sneha Cherian and Samarth Joshi were an able reminder of that. These characters (and actors) lent an air of authenticity to the show, which helped the audience better relate to the story. 

Prime Video

Prime Video

6. Fatima: Bombay Begums

Though Ron was actually a nice guy, Fatima was the real winner of the show for me. Because she was flawed, honest, and relatable in a way few female characters are. She was neither a ‘badass’ nor a ‘sati savitri‘. She was simply a woman trying to battle flawed gender norms and internalized patriarchy while fulfilling her ambitions. 

7. Shanti Mishra: Gullak

Though Bittu ki Mummy left me laughing at her antics and sass, the most relatable character from the show was Shanti Mishra. With her resigned acceptance of her family’s incompetence and classic one-liners, she was the perfect representation of every desi mom — sweet, but with a healthy dose of savageness. 


8. Omkar Singh: Tabbar

It’s hard to pick a character you love from this brilliant web series because all of them commit questionable acts. But if I had to, I’d pick Omkar Singh. Not just because Pavan Malhotra was phenomenal in the role, but because of how close Omkar Singh is to the family patriarch of most middle-class families – and yet, how far removed his actions appear to be. It’s a fine balance, and one that makes him a character you can’t stop thinking about. 


9. Aijaz: The Married Woman

Sensitive, philosophical, and empathetic, Aijaaz was a character that charmed everyone – on-screen, and in real life. And there is something to be said about his clarity of thoughts – a trait most of us wish for, but few attain. 


Did your favourite character make it to the list? Let us know in the comments section below.