October had begun with the much-awaited sixteenth season of Bigg Boss, the reality TV show. Hosted by Salman Khan, Bigg Boss 16 premiered its third episode on Monday. Day 3’s episode was all about housemates teasing Abdu Rozik, discussing the equation between Udaariyan stars Priyanka Chahar Choudhary and Ankit Gupta, participating in first-ever nomination task, and more.

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For those of you, who missed watching the full episode on television and/or do not have OTT subscription, fret not. We have curated all the best moments from Day 3 for you.

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Check out highlights from the third episode of Bigg Boss 16:

Day 3 started with Choti Sardarni actress Nimrit Kaur, the captain of the house, getting pissed about guarding the BB house all time. Kaur then got into an argument with Archana and Shiv over sharing the responsibilities of household chores. During the fight, Shiv called Nimrit a ‘mummy’.


TV actor Shalin Bhanot had a fun time with his co-contestant, Uttaran actress Tina Datta. Bhanot ended up lifting the actress in his arms and throwing her in the swimming pool.

Nimrit asked Ankit Gupta about his bond with Udaariyan co-star Priyanka on whether both of them are dating or not. To which, Ankit said, “We are so comfortable with each other. Hum dono ke bich aisi cheezein aati bhi nahin hai.” Later, Ankit and Priyanka had a tender moment as they hugged each other.

Tajikistan singer Abdu Rozik, who is also a part of Bigg Boss 16, saw his co-contestant, TV actress Soundarya Sharma performing meditation while lying on the ground. He picked up a broom, raised it in the air, and lifted his one leg as if he was doing yoga. While Soundarya had no idea about it, Sajid joked saying, “pehli baar dekh raha hoon jhaadu, jhaadu pakadne waale se bada hai.”

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Some time later, TV actor Shiv Thakare asked Abdu about the qualities he wish to have in his partner. He also told him about the practice of swayamvar. Later, both Tina and Shiv shared that they wish to have Abdu’s swayamvar. Tina also playfully flirted with the singer and asked if she can date him. Abdu blushed at the moment and later called the actress ‘cute’.

Later, Nimrit and Shiv got into a heated argument over their co-contestant, filmmaker Sajid Khan doing the dishes.

The episode also featured nomination task for the first time in this season. Before the round, BB informed all the housemates that he was not in the mood to listen to sugar-coated statements. The housemates attached the photographs of other participants they wished should exit the show. A fire dancer, who was called for the round, made the pictures into ashes in no time. Contestants including Shiv, Archana, MC Stan, Sajid, Gori, and Gautam were nominated to leave the house.

After the nomination round, BB ordered Manya, Tina, and Soundarya to perform all the household chores until they are told not to continue. This happened as all these three contestants had apologised during the nomination which was specifically banned in the task.

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It was also found out that MC Stan is quite rich and successful as he revealed the price of one of his pendants. Stan shared that it costs ₹1.5 crores.


Some contestants including Shalin, Gori, Priyanka, and Sajid were called in the confession rooms separately.

Not just MC Stan, Imlie star Sumbul is quite a rapper. In the BB house, Sumbul performed a great rap on girl child. Everyone praised the actress for her rapping skills.

The episode concluded with a fight between Priyanka and Gautam as she supported Manya in the argument over picking up lid in the sink. Both Priyanka and Gautam had a mature discussion at the end.

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The third episode was all about drama, fun, and a lot of chaos. We are totally excited about the next one. How about you?