Bigg Boss is back with its new season, Bigg Boss 16: Game Badlega, Kyunki Bigg Boss Khud Khelega! There are 16 contestants locked in the circus-themed house this time. From Nimrit Kaur Ahluwalia and Archana Gautam’s catfight over dividing duties, the announcement of no wake-up song in the morning, to MC Stan presenting his ultra-cool rap, the previous episode (Day 2) oozed drama, twists, and lots of entertainment. It concluded with all the housemates discussing about Sajid Khan.

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Now that most of you are done with your dinner, it’s time to know everything about Day 3 of Bigg Boss 16. We’ll bring you all the live updates from the third episode right here. Stay tuned.

10:00 AM– The day had begun with alarm waking up all the contestants in the house. All of them gathered outside their rooms and sang BB anthem.

10:30 AM– Nimrit got pissed at Archana and Shiv in argument over cooking. Shiv called Nimrit a ‘mummy’.

10:45 AM– Sajid Khan asked Shiv to apologise to Nimrit. Nimrit said she knows Archana is his friend.

11:00 AM– Sajid Khan got into fun time with Abdu Rozik.

12:45 PM– Shalin threw Tina in the swimming pool.

1:00 PM– Abdu picked jhaadu in his hand and tried to make fun of Soundarya, who was meditating on the ground. Sajid Khan joked that pehli baar drashya dekh raha hoon jhaadu maarne se bada jhaadu hai.

1:45 PM– Shiv spoke to Abdu about finding a partner for his swayamvar.

2:00 PM– Nimrit asked Ankit Gupta about his bond with Priyanka and if he is dating her. To which, Ankit said, “We are so comfortable with each other. Hum dono ke bich aisi cheezein aati bhi nahin hai.”

2:30 PM– Tina asked Abdu if she can date him and be his girlfriend. Tina and Shiv then teased Abdu if he likes Saundarya or Archana. Abdu, who was blushing at the moment, later called Tina “cute.”

5:30 PM– Nimrit told Shiv he is trying to create a ‘khichdi’ in argument over washing dishes. Both got into heated fight over Sajid Khan doing the dishes.

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6:30 PM– Bigg Boss introduced the first-ever nomination task. BB was not in mood to listen to sugar-coated statements. Bigg Boss also informed about the fire dancer.

6:45 PM-Nimrit, the captain picked Shiv and Archana in the nomination round. Shiv chose Abdu and Sajid. Tina picked Sajid and MC Stan. Manya chose Gori and MC Stan. Archana picked MC Stan and Sajid. Sajid chose Tina and Shalin. And there were many other nominations.

8:15 PM– The names in the nominations include Shiv, Archana, MC Stan, Sajid, Gori, and Gautam.

8:30 PM– BB announced that Manya, Tina, and Soundarya will perform all the household chores ‘coz they said sorry in the nomination round. Captain Nimrit was assigned to make sure they do it.

9:00 PM– Tina called Archana the “happiest puppy” in the house.

10:30 PM– Shalin was called in the confession room and was asked his opinions about housemates and why did he chose Sajid in the nomination round. To which, he said if Sajid leave the house it won’t matter to the latter.

11:00 PM– Gori was called in the confession room as well. Gori said some housemates ignore her. The dancer added that she is not ready to fight with them.

11:30 PM– MC Stan revealed he has pendant of 1.5 crore.

11:45 PM– Priyanka was called in the confession room. BB asked Priyanka why does she think the ones who are asked to come in the confession room, are lacking something. BB then advised Priyanka that she can convey to Ankit to focus on his mic.

12:00 AM– Manya and Tina got into an argument over household chores. Tina then concluded the fight saying she will draw the line with her.

12:30 AM– Sajid was also called in the confession room. Sajid shared that everyone is like ‘matar’. The filmmaker added that he was surprised about Shalin nominating him. When BB told him the reason, Sajid said agar mujhe jeetna nahin hota, toh main yahan kyun betha hota.

12:45 AM– Shalin made a cute gesture by lifting Sumbul in his hands. Sumbul also lifted him.

1:00 AM– Not just MC Stan, BB has one more rapper in the house. It was Sumbul who surprised everyone by her rapping skills.

1:15 AM– Ankit had a tender moment with Priyanka as he hugged her. Priyanka began crying and Ankit made sure she is fine.

1:45 AM– Manya was asked to pick the lid from the sink. Tina and Manya had another tiff during the argument over dishes. Manya left after calling Tina ‘mad’.

2:15 AM– Priyanka got into ugly fight with Nimrit and Gautam for supporting Manya for doing the dishes. Gautam called Priyanka a ‘jagat maata’ and asked her to stop relating him with every other girl in the house.

3:30 AM– The episode ended with Priyanka and Gautam having a mature discussion after their argument.

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We are already excited about the next episode. Are you?