The Bigg Boss house looks like the most entertaining place to be in. The latest season of the show has so much fun and drama that someone who doesn’t watch the show will get intrigued by it. Yup, that’s the level of drama we get to see in every episode. Every season witnesses special bonds in the BB house that soon turn into love stories.

Case in point: Over the past month, Priyanka and Ankit have managed to capture our attention and it looks like we might soon have a couple in the Bigg Boss house. The janta outside is rooting for this couple but the two maintain they’re not in any relationship. We compiled PriyAnkit’s sweetest moments on the show and they look super cute.

Bigg Boss 16

1. When they gave us the most romantic channa mereya performance.

Karan Johar once turned Bigg Boss into KJO city. It was all a romantic atmosphere in the house. He asked Priyanka and Ankit to dance on channa mereya, and, well, they turned a heartbreak song into love! Have a look:

2. When Abdu tried to flirt with Priyanka.

Well, it looks like Abdu has turned all romantic in the house. He’s often seen flirting with the women in the house. In one of the episodes, Abdu is seen giving his number to Priyanka and Ankit takes his case. Here’s what happened.

3. When Priyanka and Ankit confessed their feelings.

Last month, in an episode, the two finally confessed their feelings for each other. Priyanka indirectly told Ankit that she loves him. Here’s what they spoke about.

4. When Ankit mastered the art of punchlines.

Everyone in the house thinks Ankit doesn’t actively participate in the game. But not many know he has mastered the art of punchlines and keeps it subtle. In an episode, Priyanka and Ankit gave us amazing punchlines together and we loved it.

5. When Ankit made the most endearing gesture.

During a conversation, Priyanka seemed upset with him. While there was a debate between the two, Ankit made the most endearing gesture in between. He gave a ‘rose start’ to the conversation and put a rose in Priyanka’s hair.

6. Here’s a flashback to the sweetest moments Priyanka and Ankit gave us in the BB house. We cannot wait to see how this chemistry turns out.

Bigg Boss 16 is getting better every day and we cannot wait to watch more of it.