It’s been more than two weeks since the new season of Bigg Boss, and we’re already hooked with all the drama, entertainment and revelations. With friendships and bonds getting stronger, there’s a lot that we’re looking forward to. And well, the contestants are at their top game with tasks and more! From a love triangle to some major fights, a lot happened in the last one week. Of course, the weekend was no less, specifically with the interventions from the audience and the host, Salman Khan himself. And after all of it, we’re already waiting for Day 17 of Bigg Boss 16.

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Like always, we’ve been teased about what might happen at the Bigg Boss house, through the promos. But, let’s do a quick recap for context, shall we?

1. Priyanka VS Nimrit – who’s playing a better game.

Salman Khan brings up a task called ‘Saam’, where he asks contestants to vote between Priyanka and Nimrit, based on who they think is playing a better game. All the housemates had to cast their votes by dropping a “thumbs up” block on a voting scale that is set up in front of them. After the task was completed, it was Priyanka who won with more votes from the housemates.

2. The first eviction of the season.

After Salman Khan enters the house, he names all the contestants who were nominated for last week’s eviction. He then announced that Sreejita is the first contestant to get evicted from this season. This wraps up the elimination from last week.

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3. Sumbul makes a revelation.

Sumbul’s father confronts her about being pure-hearted, and the fact that she’s being ‘used’ by her housemates. He then added that Shalin didn’t do right by Sumbul. Later in the show, Sumbul tries to gather her thoughts after talking to her father, and this also leads to some conflicts. On being asked, she then tells Shalin that she has no feelings for him.

4. Shiv advices housemates.

After Shekhar asks Shiv to share some advice for his housemates, given that he’s a former Bigg Boss winner, he goes and does that. Shiv suggests Gautam to focus on the game, just as much as his relationships. He asks Tina to find some clarity about things. He then advices Nimrit to not pull people down, just to push herself up.

Coming back to what we can expect in tonight’s episode – here’s what the promo suggests:

1. Nimrit and Shiv get into a fight.

According to the promo for the upcoming episode (Day 17), Shiv and Nimrit get into a heated argument. Shiv is seen asking Nimrit to accept her mistake, where Sajid Khan adds that she owes everyone an apology. This further escalates when Nimrit breaks down and Shiv mentions that she’s ‘pretending’ and exaggerating things. He goes on to say – “Overacting kar ke kuchh nahi hota hai.”

2. Nimrit breaks down and talks about feeling anxious.

The weekend episodes saw different conflicts, specifically when it came to the audience and housemates talking about Nimrit’s gameplay. During ‘Janta ke Sawal’ with Shekhar Suman, someone asked Nimrit about how she says that she’s playing individually, but actually takes support by forming a group when it’s needed for tasks. Shiv and Priyanka also agree with it. In tonight’s episode’s promo, it’s shown that Nimrit talks about her anxiety issues and feeling a sense of heaviness after her fight with Shiv.

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Clearly, there are a lot of unresolved issues that are going to come up this week. To know more, catch the latest episode of Bigg Boss 16 that airs tonight on Colors TV and Voot Select.

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