Bigg Boss Season 16 is turning into a courtroom drama with each episode. Heated arguments, twists, grudges, and unspoken cold wars between contestants are proof of it. And, of course, there is a hint of budding romance as well. Entertainment bhi bharpoor hai. While Kili Paul, the internet sensation from Tanzania, hogged the limelight on the show in the fifth episode, MC Stan getting emotional after a fight with Shiv was another highlighted moment from yesterday.

If you are wondering what will happen on Day 6 of Bigg Boss 16, don’t miss these live updates of today’s episode, Sumbul Ko Kisne Rulaya, here. Stay tuned.

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8:00 AM- The day had begun as usual. The alarm beeped and everyone gathered outside to sing Bigg Boss anthem.

10:15 AM- Sajid Khan told Abdu Rozik that tomorrow is his wedding.

10:30 AM- Abdu showed his gold shoes worth USD 40,000.

12:30 PM- Gautam flirted with Soundarya saying, “tumhare papa scientist hai kya?” She replied, “No.” Gautam added, “then how come God created a bomb like you?”

1:00 PM- Bigg Boss reminded MC Stan about his mic that he had forgotten in the washroom.

1:15 PM- Bigg Boss called Nimrit via phone and said, “You’re fired.” BB then asked her to call everyone to the living room. Bigg Boss slammed Nimrit for not being a responsible captain. Bigg Boss then told her about a task of beating a gong and becoming the captain. In no time, Shalin ran and beat the gong before BB completed his statement.

1:30 PM- Sumbul started crying because she thinks no one takes her seriously. “Ye show mein aane se pehle mera yahi darr tha ki sab mujhe bachcha samjhenge,” Sumbul said. The actress added that she feels side-lined at times.

2:30 PM- Priyanka told housemates about the captaincy task between Nimrit and Shalin. Sajid was asked to be the umpire. Nimrit and Shalin were supposed to stand on a platform and hold tubs in which all the contestants will put anything. The one who will have maximum items will become captain. Shalin lost the task. Though, everyone clapped for Shalin. After the task, Sumbul hugged him.

2:45 PM- BB congratulated Nimrit and asked her to replace the contestants, who are supposed to perform household chores.

3:00 PM- Tina got angry at Archana for calling her ‘deaf’ and slammed the latter. Meanwhile, Sumbul started crying again in the room. Shalin entered there. Sumbul said, “Bahot akela lag raha hai main isliye ro rahi hoon.” Shalin consoled Sumbul. Sumbul spoke about her anxiety. Shalin said that he is quite protective about his friends. Sumbul confessed her feelings to Shalin saying, “Mujhe jab warmth ki need hoti hai aapse milti hai.”

3:15 PM-Tina and Archana got into a heated argument over Gautam. Archana called Gautam, Tina’s ‘chamcha’. Tina lashed out at her, “Wo mera chamcha nahin hai,” and asked Gautam to come along with her. Gautam didn’t go. Tina got pissed off at Gautam and went away saying she will never talk to him again.

4:15 PM- Nimrit assigned Archana for cooking meals. Nimrit asked everyone to be extra cautious about no smoking rules. Sajid quizzed what will happen if we don’t follow this rule. Nimrit said she will decide that later on.

4:45 PM- BB informed everyone that Gori Nagori will perform dance soon. BB added that if the dancer wins the task, she will have the power to save the contestants who are nominated for elimination. Bigg Boss also added Gori can save herself as well. If she doesn’t win, five contestants will decide if she will remain in the show or not.

6:30 PM- Gori and everyone discussed who will support whom in the task.

6:45 PM- Gori performed a Haryanvi dance to ‘Mera Balma Bada Rangeen’. The five contestants, who were supporting Gori, went to the stage and danced along with her. Gori won the task and chose to save herself. BB then announced the name of the nominated contestants namely, Shiv, Archana, MC Stan, Sajid and Gautam.

7:45 PM- Tina teased Abdu for his prospective brides in the house.

9:00 PM- Priyanka and Ankit were seen sharing a plate. Speaking of Priyanka and Ankit, Nimrit told Gautam that they take extra food in the same plate every time. Nimrit added that the food should be equally contributed.

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11:45 PM- Abdu sang Arijit Singh’s ‘Tum Hi Ho’ from Aashiqui 2. Shalin asked Abdu about his family if they are short in height too. To which, Abdu said that he is the only one who is short.

1:00 AM- Tina asked Shalin to come in the corner because she didn’t want to be in the same room as Sreejita.

1:15 AM- The episode ended with Nimrit and Shalin discussing about Sumbul being a cry baby.

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Well, well, well! That was quite an interesting episode. What do you think?