Bigg Boss 16 gets exciting with each episode as contestants try and keep a check on their temper amidst changing equations, mind-boggling twists, and intense disagreements. Right from the premiere episode, the housemates have showcased different shades of friendship, love, rivalry, and affection in less than a month. And we’re pretty sure they will take this season several notches higher in the coming weeks.

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But enough with our banter, let’s have a quick recap of the past few days before we jump on what’s in store for us today.

1. Is Gautam & Soundarya’s lovestory a facade?

The Diwali special came with a weekend bomb from Karan Johar. He questioned the equation between Gautam Vig & Soundarya Sharma and suggested that it doesn’t look ‘real’ to the audience. He accused Gautam of trying to malign Soundarya’s image with his ‘free-spirited’ remark on the latter. He also enquired them about sneaking into the washroom without removing the mic.

Although the audience expected the duo to part ways following a tumultuous weekend, the two haven’t done anything of the sort. In fact, in yesterday’s episode, Gautam confessed that there is some sort of relationship between him and Soundarya.

2. Nimrit is the phuski-bomb of the house.

In keeping with the Diwali-special theme, Karan Johar asked contestants to share who they think is the phuski-bomb and the sutli-bomb between Nimrit Kaur Ahluwalia & Tina Datta. Unanimously, Nimrit was called the phuski-bomb of the house. Priyanka Chahar Choudhary said, “muh par nahi bol paati, himmat hi nahi hoti inki.”

3. Nimrit and Soundarya got punished for conversing in English 24X7.

Frustrated with Soundarya and Nimrit over constantly conversing in English despite several warnings, BB decided to teach them a lesson with a quirky punishment. He ordered them to apologize to the Indian audience by repeatedly saying, “Bharat main is Hindi show main aayi, lekin mujhse Hindi nahi boli jaati… please mujhe maaf karo.”

There was also a time when BB asked them to speak the same with 3X speed. Their fellow housemates had a treat seeing them apologize.

4. The infamous nominations task.

This time Bigg Boss decided to add another flavour to the nominations. He created a horror-themed nominations task in which two contestants were supposed to become the voice of ‘shaitaani atma’ and make a unanimous decision on whom to nominate between another pair of contestants. On failure to reach a decision, the two deciders would have ended up being nominated.

BB also gave captain Archana Gautam a special power to directly nominate a housemate; she chose Gori Nagori. Apart from Gori, Gautam, Nimrit, Soundarya, Abdu Rozik, Shiv Thakare, and Tina Datta were also nominated basis the task.

5. Abdu is pissed.

After Sumbul Touqeer and Gautam nominated Abdu between him and Priyanka, the former was seen disappointed and pissed with the housemates. He called out the double standards of the contestants to first nominate and then say that they love him. He was also angry with Priyanka over what she spoke against him during the task.

But enough with the recap, let’s see what’s in store for us today. Here’s what you can expect in the upcoming Bigg Boss episode.

1. Sumbul is disappointed with Shalin.

In yesterday’s nomination task, Shalin and Soundarya were given the task to nominate one contestant among Sumbul and Shiv. During the discussions, Soundarya favoured Sumbul while Shalin kept insisting she save Shiv despite being Sumbul’s friend. Eventually, Shalin agreed (reluctantly) and saved Sumbul by nominating Shiv. However, Sumbul was disappointed to see Shalin not wanting to save her. Later in the day, Shalin came to resolve the issue, but Sumbul firmly denied it.

However, Sumbul and Shalin will finally have a conversation today where the former will express her disappointment in him. Bigg Boss 16 has released a promo of their heart-to-heart exchange. Sumbul says she heard him speak closely, and he did not mention her name once. Teary-eyed, she says, “mujhe bohot bura lag raha hai.”

2. Are Nimrit and Gautam not friends anymore?

In the weekend episode, Karan Johar told Nimrit that her game has gotten weak post her fierce captaincy in the first week. He told her he wished to see the old Nimrit back and that she was presently becoming a shadow to Gautam.

Yesterday, we saw Nimrit reluctantly accepting Tina’s stand to save Shalin and nominate Gautam. Perhaps, this has resulted in unsaid coldness between the two cos the former best friends will have a bitter row in today’s episode. Bigg Boss has dropped a promo in which Gautam and Nimrit can be seen yelling at each other.

Nimrit accuses Gautam saying, “meri taraf tere ko priority dikhani hoti hai, tu dikhata nahi hai.” Gautam retorts, “aap mere ko seedha bolo na ‘Gautam ab mere naye dost ban gaye hain, ab main wahan jaaungi.'”

Will Sumbul & Shalin and Nimrit & Gautam patch up to become friends again? Will Abdu now play on the front foot? Have nominations resulted in any more scars that are yet to come out?

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Catch all the drama unfolding in tonight’s Bigg Boss 16 episode.

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