We are in the fourth week of Bigg Boss 16. The episodes are proving to be a rollercoaster ride. Every contestant is bringing out their A-game to prove their mettle. The nomination episode has stirred a storm in the Bigg Boss 16 house.

While tonight’s episode proved to be quite entertaining, here are the main highlights from the recent episode of Bigg Boss 16. Let’s take a look at these moments.

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1. Bigg Boss removes Archana Gautam from her captaincy duty.

Bigg Boss calls the house and informs Archana that she is no longer the captain. Bigg Boss removed her from the position because she kept asking him to. That means that we will get a new captain in the house.

2. Shalin and Sumbul have an argument.

Shalin and Sumbul Touqueer get into an argument where Sumbul breaks down. She clearly stated that she does not want to talk to Shalin. However, a hug sorted things between them.

3. Bigg Boss gives a new task to shortlist candidates for the next captain.

Shiv and Nimrit are the first people to participate in the task. Shiv takes the throne which makes him eligible for captaincy, while Nimrit chooses ration.

4. Soundarya lets go of the ration.

Soundarya and Ankit enter the activity area. Soundarya lets go of the ration and she lets Gautam Vig run the race to become the next captain. The inmates were angry at Soundarya and a quarrel broke out at the dining table. She defends her decision by stating that it was the same ration.

5. Sadly, we don’t have a new captain.

Ankit Gupta chooses the ration and that takes Gautam out of the race. Gautam is pressed about this decision. Bigg Boss states that there will be no captain in the house this week. He makes Ankit and MC Stan the in-charge for the ration. They will decide how the ration is supposed to be utilised.

6. Nimrit questions her friendship with Gautam.

Nimrit Kaur Ahluwalia calls her friendship with Gautam “fickle”. The conversation between them gets heated. Soundarya tries to enter their discussion. However, Gautam and Nimrit start yelling at each other at the top of their voices. Nimrit breaks down and speaks a line in Punjabi.

7. Nimrit sleeps in Shiv’s room.

The argument with Gautam has broken Nimrit down. She moves in and sleeps in Shiv Thakare’s room. Abdu Rozik and her have a heart-to-heart conversation. Abdu gives her some important insights into her friendship with Gautam. She tells Abdu how she thinks he is the only friend she has in the house.

8. Soundarya is pressed about Nimrit’s outburst.

Soundarya and Gautam talk late in the night when the lights are off. She takes Gautam’s side and states how he was not able to give enough time to his friends when he was the captain. Talking about Nimrit, she added how she was acting like “another Sumbul.”

Tonight’s episode has left us wanting more.

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