2022 is about to end and we have watched enough garbage content from desi TV serials on social media this year that lacked common sense. Now that we are talking about cringe-worthy desi soaps, logic has always been inversely proportional to such content. In most serials, the same goes for the gravitational force that might be planning to leave the earth any time soon. And of course, screenwriters, who bring out their highly questionable imaginations on paper.

No, it’s not about Gopi bahu washing a laptop in Saath Nibhana Saathiya or uber-dramatic slap scene from Sasural Simar Ka. 2022 gave us a lot more cringe content from other desi TV serials to rant about.

Gif credits: Tenor

Here are 8 such scenes from desi TV serials that went viral this year for being cringe AF:

1. When the bride’s suhaagrat turned out to be her worst nightmare

In this WTF suhaagrat scene from Ekta Kapoor’s 2005 serial, Kaisa Ye Pyaar Hai, the groom makes out with another woman in front of his wife on their wedding night. The ‘sanskaari’ bride would have easily left the room and announced what he had been up to, but she chooses to witness the act and have their clothes land on her face. Ekta, why would you even…?

2. When the kid fell of the cliff carefree AF

In this idiotic sequence from Star Plus’ serial, Nazar, a woman with a long braid tosses off a baby from the cliff, and the child is mast chilling in the air. ‘Kitna mazaa aa raha hai hawaa mein’…that was probably what the baby must be thinking. Meanwhile, a man, who is shown running towards the child jumps off from the cliff to save him as if it is no big deal! ‘Mera toh ye roz ka hai‘. Science ded! Logic ded! 

3. When a woman got choked with her dupatta stuck in a table fan

In this illogical scene from Sangita Ghosh-starrer, Swaran Ghar, her character, Swarna throws off her dupatta on shoulders but it accidentally falls on a table fan only to choke her. In a few seconds, a man saves Swarna. How? By biting the dupatta with his teeth until it gets torn into two pieces. Switch off kyu nahin kiya fan? Use brain, no?

4. When the woman used a giant kite to save her love

In this cringe albeit funny scene from Dangal’s soap, Ishq Ki Dastaan Naagmani, a man is seen falling off the terrace during a kite-flying competition like a gulaati-maarne-waala monkey. In no time, a woman, who is visibly in love with him, holds a giant kite and grabs his hand in the air. Meri kite itni strong kyun nahin hai? Why God why?

5. When the woman performed an ‘instant plastic surgery’ on the road

In this bizarre scene from Tamil TV serial, Roja, a female character shifts an injured woman from an ambulance to the road. She then brings a face mask towards the victim, merges it on her face somehow, and bam! a new face is born in no time. Itni jaldi toh instant noodles bhi nahin bante!

6. When women locked horns in ‘sindoor varsha‘ competition

In this stupid scene from Colors TV’s soap, Thapki Pyar Ki 2, a woman drops off battery cells to make a character slip. This is done so that a married woman, who is holding sindoor waali pooja ki-thaali throws it up in the air, causing vermillion to fall on the former’s face. Of course, the first half of it happens, and meanwhile, both of them keep pushing each other, only to have “sindoor ki varsha” on them. Wait, what?

7. When the man gave a censored version of ‘yeah! say my name’

In this uncomfortable scene from Kaisi Teri Khudgarzi, the Pakistani drama, a weeping woman requests a man on a phone call to bring her father out of jail. While the woman is vulnerable AF, the guy feels orgasmic as she takes his name during their conversation. And the creepy dude asks her to repeat it as if he is having a ‘phone sex’. It looks like a censored version of ‘yeah baby! say my name. say it again’. Cheapo!

8. When the bride got ‘accidentally’ married to groom’s brother

In this ‘accidental wedding’ scene from Aay Tobe Sohochori, the Bengali TV serial, a bride, who is an antagonist, is all set to drop the varmala around her groom’s neck, however, she gets married to his younger brother instead. Well, the latter appears out of nowhere in the mandap and pushes the groom, and the garland falls on his neck. He also applies dher-saara sindoor on her forehead. Consent kidhar hai?

Which sequence from these desi TV serials made you feel cringe the most?