Ever since Farhan Akhtar has been teasing the audience with Don 3 announcements, people cannot keep calm. Just yesterday the filmmaker announced that Shah Rukh Khan will not be a part of the upcoming series and fans were disappointed. However, at the same time, people were curious to know who will be leading Don 3.

And now answering all our questions, a title announcement video of Don 3 has been released. And boy, it looks thrilling. In the 1:58 minute-long video, the montage teases us with snippets of the new actor. The video opens with a shot of the new Don sitting with his back towards the camera and facing the city lights from his windows.

The video, then, moves to show the actor’s eye which is the biggest giveaway.

With gripping lines, the new Don has us glued to our seats to know who is behind the glasses.

“Gyarah mulkon ki police dhoondti hai mujhe, par pakad payega mujhko kaun? Main hoon Don.

And with these iconic lines, the teaser finally reveals Ranveer Singh as the new Don.

This announcement has made fans go gaga. Many people are rooting for Ranveer Singh. Some said that Don 3 looks like a parody and Ranveer won’t be able to live up to what Shah Rukh Khan has done.

Here’s what people had to say.


Written and directed by Farhan Akhtar, Don 3 is set to release in 2025.

You can watch the teaser of Don 3 here:

Note: All images have been taken from the teaser.