Do you love watching movies? But don’t have any paid subscriptions? Don’t worry, we got this for you.

There are plenty of amazing movies you watch for free on the internet. So we have curated a list of movies you can watch “legally” online. 

Please note – We have added links for all movies, so all you need to do is click on that link. 

1. 6-5=2 

If you love watching horror movies, this one’s is for you. What makes the movie great is the presentation of footage. It looks so real you feel it’s happening right now. The film does not show ghosts too many times as many horror movies do. 

Here’s the link to the movie.

2. Antaheen

Starring Radhika Apte, the movie captures four intertwined stories. It talks about love & loneliness. Antaheen helps you realise the importance of someone you love.

Here’s the link to the movie.

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3. Gangs of Wasseypur -1

With some exceptional actors, the story is all about the rivarly between Sultan and Shahid Khan. A good crime drama to watch, adding on to some amazing acting. 

Here’s the link to the movie.

4. Gangs of Wasseypur – 2 

The second part is more compelling as the two rival clans continue their feud in a crime-ridden mining town. With some strong dialogues & slang, the story of Wasseypur continues.

Here’s the link to the movie.

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5. Tamasha 

The film covers borderline personality disorder. It captures emotions we humans often feel in our mundane life. Deepika & Ranbir make it more appealing with their acting. Though it is an unusual narrative by Imtiaz Ali, it is still a good movie. 

Here’s the link to the movie.

6. Shahid 

Shahid, played by Rajkummar Rao, talks about people who are falsely convicted of terrorism. Shahid Azmi is a human rights lawyer who fights for their justice. 

Here’s the link to the movie. 

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7. Chalk N Duster 

The movie is a journey of two teachers who bond over teaching. Starring Shabana Azmi & Juhi Chawla, they fight against the school management to bring experienced teachers back. 

Here’s the link to the movie. 

8. Oye Lucky Lucky Oye

With his unique selection of movies, Abhay Deol plays Lucky Singh in the movie. He is fearless & charming, all this while robbing rich & elite people. What’s fun to watch is how he gets away with so many crimes. 

Here’s the link to the movie.

9. Dil Bechara

If you have not watched it already, go watch it now. Dil Bechara is the Hindi adaptation of the novel ‘The Fault in Our Stars’. It’s a love story that talks about terminal illness. Moreover, it’s an emotional & yet very positive movie to watch.

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10. Masaan

Masaan is so much more than a love story. It covers the stigma around pre-marital sexual relations. A love story that transcends the rules of casteist society & of course, you cannot unsee Vicky Kaushal.

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11. Monsoon Shootout

It is an action thriller movie starring Nawazuddin Siddiqui, a wanted gangster. It leads to an ambush & further raises the doubt of whether to kill him or not.

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12. Bhor

Bhor is a movie about Budhni, who does not let her underage marriage & caste come in between her dreams. She finds her way to complete her studies & build a toilet in her village to avoid open defecation.

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13. Traffic Signal 

The movie talks about the life of people living on the streets & their survival. It gives us a fair comparison between our real-life & what it’s like to be poor.  

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14. Bala 

Bala, starring Ayushmann Khurrana, talks about the beauty standard in our society. It further covers the insecurities of his baldness leading his life. 

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15. Haraamkhor

With a not-so-common plot, the film is about the romance between the teacher & student. This odd love story is condemned by people in the village. 

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16.  Mantostaan

A collection of four stories that talks about violence during the time of partition in 1947 in India. It sheds light on the struggle of people during that time. 

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17.  A Billion Colour Story

A story of a young teenager named Hari, who aspires to be a filmmaker. The movie talks about racism in society & how his parents’ interfaith marriage affects him all his life.


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18. Anarkali Of Aarah

Starring Swara Bhaskar, the film is a story of a small town dancer. She is a performer & a strong woman. But when she is molested in one of her performances, she makes sure justice is given to her. 

Here’s the link to the movie. 

19. Pink 

Three women who are molested by a politician’s son have to fight for their hard-earned justice. Though the plot may not be new, the dialogues & storytelling are just done perfectly here. 

Here’s the link to the movie.

20. Hera Pheri

A movie that needs no description because it’s so good. Hera Pheri is an evergreen comedy movie that talks about three unemployed men. You must watch this movie for Baburao’s classic comedy. 

Watch it on YouTube.

We hope you like the movies. 

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