Deep down, we all love horror stories. With the right amounts of suspense and thrill, crisp horror stories can instantly churn your stomach and brain. While we have read several horror stories on different websites, today, we stumbled upon several stories on Instagram where people revealed their spookiest horror stories that would definitely send shivers down your spine.

If you are looking forward to a sleepless night, read these Instagram stories.

1. We literally got goosebumps with this story.

2. Oh damn.


4. The sister probably scared the hell out of them.

5. *shuts my eyes closed*

6. The moment of realisation.

7. This is creepy and scary!

8. Who was it?

9. I’m never opening my closet ever again.

10. Creeps. This story gave us creeps.

11. What if he would’ve gone inside that stall?

12. Bye, I’m going to sleep.

Don’t forget to check under the bed before going to sleep tonight, folks!