If there’s an Ambani event in the city, then be assured that it will be the grandest affair you will ever come across. Recently, the Ambani’s hosted a dinner ahead of the inauguration of the state-of-the-art Nita Mukesh Ambani Cultural Center at Jio World Centre in Mumbai. It was a multiverse of sorts as the who’s who from Hollywood to Bollywood marked their presence at the event. One of them was Hollywood’s IT couple – Zendaya and Tom Holland.

zendaya and tom holland's stay in mumbai
Source: NDTV

Indian paparazzi sprung to action. Every cameraman from every entertainment portal, that you can think of, rushed to get the perfect click-worthy picture of Zendaya and Tom Holland. Now, it is the Indian paps we are talking about. If you have seen any Indian pap video, you must have noticed how they scream the names of celebrities to get their attention. Some even give them nicknames. For example, how they call Sara Ali Khan – “Saraaaa jeeee.”

Tom Holland, even though he’s Spiderman, wasn’t spared either.

The Indian paps yelled different variations of Tom – ranging from “tommmm“, to “tommm“, and even “ae tomye“. Twitter user, Shreemi Verma, shared the video of Indian paps trying their best to get Tom’s attention.

But to no avail. Take a look at the video here.

Shreemi’s tweet has got people talking. It has fetched over 123K views, over 1K likes, and many retweets and comments. Here’s what people had to say.


The Indian paparazzi is, truly, in a different league of its own.