The latest episode of Koffee With Karan Season 7 featured Katrina Kaif, Ishaan Khatter, and Siddhant Chaturvedi, giving us some major entertainment ka overdose.  

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In the episode, we saw Katrina, Ishaan, and Siddhant getting candid about their on-set memories and personal lives while also having some conversations plaguing the entertainment industry. While Katrina and Siddhant entertained us with their poise and wit, Ishaan Khatter’s infectious energy grabbed our attention, reminding us of the OG Ranveer Singh (who has come to signify all that’s forever bubbling with energy and entertainment in Bollywood). 

So here are 9 moments from the Koffee With Karan Season 7 Episode 10 proving that Ishaan Khatter is also a Ranveer Singh. Or, in Samantha’s words, the actor has Ranveerified.

1. A blockbuster entry.

We know how Ranveer has a magnetic appeal, and he begins creating impact the moment he enters the room. Guess what? Ishaan Khatter is no different. His entry on the KwK episode was a vibe in itself, just like the background music. 

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2. Ishaan’s not easily intimidated, just like Ranveer who can intimidate everybody on Earth.

I don’t want to suggest that Ranveer & Ishaan are the same beings, but there’s only one male actor I know whose confidence game is apart from the rest – Ranveer Singh. To be in the same room with a well-established actor and not get intimidated speaks volumes. Ishaan’s confidence game is also unlike most of us.

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3. Ishaan’s an enthusiastic storyteller & hypes everyone around.

He legit got up to act how people sidelined him when it was Katrina’s first day on set.  

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4. Ishaan is so fit that Siddhant quit the gym because it got demotivating.

I mean! Who else do you think can be so fit, so self-assured, so active that it can be demotivating for others? 

Hint: His name begins with R, and he’s directly related to this article. 

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5. Ishaan legit made Karan speechless for a while.

With Karan’s series of conjectures, only a pro can get Karan stuttering for words. 

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6. Just like Ranveer, Ishaan also hypes Karan.

We know excessively Ranveer Singh hypes Karan, but he ain’t the only one!

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7. Ishaan gave the most absurd answer in the history of the gaming round at KwK.

He’s also a guy without filters.

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8. That moment when Ishaan lost it.

Ishaan was exceedingly enthusiastic about the gaming round. He was legit shouting answers at the peak of his voice; it was hilarious. Even Katrina got scared seeing him like that. 

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9. Ishaan Khatter & his contagious dancing energy.

Ranveer Singh is one of the most compelling dancers out there. He steals the limelight even while he’s not the main performer. In the KwK episode, Ishaan was right on his toes to perform all the hook steps with his contagious energy and incredible moves.

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While the two actors have their individuality that everyone adores, we couldn’t help but notice the striking similarity in the aura they exude. Safe to say, both Ranveer Singh and Ishaan Khatter possess contagious energy, compelling confidence, and a next-level entertainment quotient.

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